Қандастар Ассамблея

Young Women of Whom the Uyghurs Are Proud of

28.11.2014 2149
According to Konstantin Paustovskiy, one cannot live without a Motherland, nor can one without a heart.

According to Konstantin Paustovskiy, one cannot live without a Motherland, nor can one without a heart. Undoubtedly, the life of every human being is tightly connected to his or her Motherland. All ethnic communities of Kazakhstan are proud to stand under its colors of unity and friendship. Famous young representatives of the Uyghur community hold a special place in the country’s life. We are all familiar with Uyghur traditions, customs, culture, and crafts, which have been cherished for centuries. Many young Uyghurs are famous musician.

Dilnaz Akhmadiyeva is a solo singer. She was born in Almaty in 1980. She is a graduate of Abylay Khan University for International  Relations and International Languages. Her father Murat Akhamiyev is also a musician, the founder of the celebrated Uyghur band Yashlyk, a People’s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During many years, he was the director of the State Uyghur Theater in Almaty.  Her artistic upbringing, beauty, ambition, and industry have brought her success. Dilnaz, who began acting in children’s films at the age of four, later performed at the Uyghur Theater. She participated in various performances as a singer. Her career began at a large scale in the Republic Palace, Almaty in 1993.

She participated in the New Wave international project in Jurmala. Dilnaz has been awarded with 

The word “ballet” makes a special impression. It is safe to say that it is all about beauty and gracefulness. Mukaram Saidakimkyzy Abubariyeva is a native Uyghur ballet dancer. She was born in Almaty in 1983. She is a graduate of Aleksandr Seleznyov Almaty College of Choreography and the Choreography Faculty of Temirbek Zhurgenov Kazakh National Art Academy. She participated in Anshi Balapan (1989) and Aynalayyn (1996) children’s festivals. At a large scale, her career began at the age of five, that is, in 1988, when she performed with an Uyghur band at the Uyghur Theater. In 1989, 1991, and 1994 she performed individually; the events were broadcast by television. Mukaram has been working at the Abay Kazakh State Academy Opera and Ballet Theater since 2001. She has played in such ballet performances as “Nancy”, “The Serenade”, and in a number of Tchaikovsky ballets.such prizes as Almaty 98 and Best Song. She is the prizewinner of various contests, including Best Female Musician of the Year, Hit of the Year, Gold Disk, and many others and 2000 Mediwave Festival held in Hungary. She is a member of the Youth Union of Kazakhstan.

In spite of their ethnic background, these young women serve their Motherland.


Assem Zharymbekova