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The Virtuous One Shall Meet the Nation’s Expectation

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It is a common fact that unity, mutual understanding, and basic respect guarantee universal efficiency. It is due to national unity and interethnic friendship that our country has come to be a prosperous and continuously progressing state.

“Our multiethnic society is honor and wealth to us…”

Nursultan Nazarbayev


It is a common fact that unity, mutual understanding, and basic respect guarantee universal efficiency. It is due to national unity and interethnic friendship that our country has come to be a prosperous and continuously progressing state.

Nowadays, Kazakhstan has every prerequisite for providing positive impact on social development with the help of its ethnic and cultural diversity. At present, every ethnic group and community that lives in our country has developed an essentially new understanding of patriotism.  It is now treated not as a matter of origin but as a tolerant attitude to the very statelyhood of Kazakhstan, the culture and traditions of its various ethnic communities. Representatives of other ethnic groups, who have adopted the qualities, in particular patriotism, hold the banner of Kazakhstan up high and help the country form a global reputation.  The Dagestani people make one of such patriotic communities. Sports champions, who have made a great contribution to the country’s international reputation, play a special role.

  1. Rustam Adamov was born in Dnepropetrovsk in 1984. 1986, his family moved to Shevchenko. He left school in 2000. He has been doing karatedo at the Wave Children’ and Youth Sports School. He is a RK Master of Sorts in Karatedo, Black Belt, 1st dan. Champion of Kazakhstan, multiple prizewinner, two-time silver medal awardee at all-Asia championships, member of the national Olympic team.  He is a graduate of Aktau State University in Computer Science and Software. 
  • Championship of Asia 2nd place (Tokyo, 2002);
  • France Cup 1st place (Marseille, 2003);
  • Kaliningrad Tournament 2nd place ;
  • Bosporus Cup 2nd place (Istanbul, 2006);
  • Universiade 1st place (Almaty, 2005);
  • American Open Championship 3rd place (Las Vegas, 2005);
  • US Tournament 1st place (Las Vegas, 2007).

Bekkhruz Azizov is a Master of Sports in Karatedo, Black Belt, 1st dan, Champion of Kazakhstan, multiple prizewinner.

  • France Cup 3rd place (Marseille, 2003);
  • Championship of Asia 3rd place (Macao, 2005);
  • Championship of Turkey 2nd place (Dalaman, 2005);
  • US Tournament 2nd place (Las Vegas, 2007). 
  1. Supyan Aliyev  was born in Tsumada, Tsumada District, Dagestan o January 1, 1942. Having left school, he moved to Almaty and entered a police school, where he became the course leader, at the same time practicing sports. He participated I numerous sambo competitions.  Later, working for internal affairs agencies, he succeeded greatly at various tournaments. He took the 1st place at the Kazakhstani-Mongolian Match (1970). Supyan is a seven-time Sambo Champion of Kazakhstan (1963-1971). In 2004, he was awarded the 1st prize at a veteran qualifying competition. The 2008-2011 Veteran Qualifying Competitions brought him the 1st place. Supyan Aliyev is a very gifted person – he plays musical instruments, writes poems, and sings. He has two children.
  2. Aleksey Atayev is a Merited Coach of the USSR and Kazakhstan, a multiple Free-Style Wrestling Champion of Kazakhstan, and a prizewinner of many competitions.  He was born in Khasavyurte, Dagesta on March 1, 1941. He is a native Kumyk.  He spent his early years in Taruk Regio, where he completed 10 years’ school education. Aged 17, he came to Almaty, where his cousin lived. He learned the trade of a smith and found a job in Almaty. Besides, he took wrestling classes at the Kirov Factory Sports Hall. His coach was L.Saptsov. The more he trained, the more he liked free-style wrestling till he finally realized that he could not live without it.  After a year of training, he won the 1962 Championship in Minsk.  Having become the first 70 kg Kazakhstani Champion of the USSR, he entered the USSR national team. However, a number of reasons prevented him from participating in competitions. Later, Atayev participated in republic-wide competitions and became a multiple Champion of Kazakhstan. He tried his hand at Greco-Roma wrestling. He won the Republic Prize in Sambo. He began coaching young athletes in 1963 to become a Merited Coach of Kazakhstan in Free-style Wrestling at the age of 29. In 1983, the Kazakhstani team trained by Atayev won 3rd prize at the Spartakiad of the  People of the USSR . He has trained 10 World Class Masters of Sports, over 50 Masters of Sports of the USSR, and many international competition prizewinners. Such celebrated athletes as Yuriy Malinovskiy, Ali Khalikhayev, Pyotr Surikov, Gaziz Musayev, Serik Zhumagaliyev, and many more took his classes. For 5 years (1979-1984), he worked as the judo coach of the Kazakh SSR national team. The team won numerous international competitions during that period. Judo became enormously popular across the republic. The best judo talents appeared – the three-time European Champion Aleksey Tyurin,  World Class Masters Ashirov, Sergey Rakov, Bostan Zhanbyrbayev, Kayrat Mysykbayev, and many others. Atayev was a part-time student at Kazakh National University, specializing in law. Atayev has been awarded a number of state awards for his contribution to the development of sports, icluding such medals and Enbek Ereksheligi Ushin, Eren Enbegi Ushin, a Certificate of Merit of the  Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh USSR, and such titles as Merited Railway Worker, Merited Education Worker of the People of the Kazakh SSR, and   Merited Sports and Physical Culture Worker of the USSR. 
  3. Ruslan Veliyev is a World Class Master of Sports and a multiple Free-Style Wrestling Champion of Kazakhstan. In 2000, he took part in the Sidney Olympics.  Ruslan is a prizewinner of the Asian Games (Bangkok-96) and East Asian Games, multiple international champion and prizewinner. 
  4. Magomed Kurugliyev is a World Class Master of Sports, on of the most celebrated Kazakhstani wrestlers, Free-Style Wrestling Champion of Kazakhstan, and participant of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics as well as the  2000 Sidney Olympics. Magomed is an Asian Champion, two-time prizewinner of the Asian Games, Asia Oyyndarynyn Eki Zhuldegeri, an East and Central Asia Games Champion, and an Aleksandr Medved International Tournament winner. In 2006, Magomed won the 3rd prize at a world championship. 
  5. Gapiz Musayev is a Master of Sports and a multiple Free-Style Wrestling Republican Champion. мастер спорта, многократный чемпион республики по вольной борьбе. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. 
  6. Marid Mutalimov was born in Makhachkala on February 22, 1980. He is a native Kumyk. He started practicing free-style wrestling in Dinamo at the age of 12. His first international tournament was held in Germany in 1993 and brought him great success. At the age of 15, he became the Champion of Kazakhstan. He is one of the most celebrated Asian free-style wrestlers and a World Class Master of Sports. Since 2003, Marid has been representing Kazakhstan at every major competition. He is a three-time Champion of Kazakhstan and a two-time Asia Champion.  In 2008, he won the International Tournament held in Kyiv, which was followed by silver in Jeju Island, Korea, the same year. In 2004, he took part in the Olympics in Greece. He came third in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Marid is presently an Aktau resident. He is a police lieutenant at the Mangystau Region Internal Affairs Department.   
  7. Magomed Rasulov was born in Dagestan in 1945.  He was Avar. His career began at the age of 14. He moved to Azerbaijan to live in Baku and later, in Sumgait. He is a graduate of the Institute for Physical Culture. He worked as a coach in the Meskhul Republican Sports Society. The Sports Committee of Mangustau Region invited him to move to Shevchenko in 1979. He became a free-style wrestling coach at the local children’s and teenagers’ sports school to   later get the job of the Region Chief Coach. The USSR Sports Committee awarded him with the title of All-Union Class Coach. In 1987, he was awarded the Merited Education Worker title. In 1990, he was awarded the title of The Most Merited Coach for his many years’ heroic labor. He trained such famous athletes as M.Kuruguliyev, R.Omiraliyev, and M.Ganiyev. Regional Sports School Headmaster from 1994 to 1996; coach of the Munayshy Sports Club in 1996.  He died in Aktau in 2001. 
  8. Khalid Khalidov was born in Shevchenko, Mangystau Region in 1986. He is Lezgian.  He went to School 23 in Aktau and International Academy, Moscow, specializing in Economy. He has been practicing karatedo since 1994. His 10 years’ sports career has brought him the following titles:
  • Four-time Cadet Champion of Kazakhstan;
  • Three-time Bronze Winner at Asian Cadet Championship (Tokyo, Japan, 2002);
  • World Championship 1st Place, Gold Medal (Marseille, France, 2003);
  • Istanbul, 1st place (Turkey, 2004);
  • Two-time Bronze Winner at the 2004 Men’s International Championship (Taipei, China). 
  1. Imametdin Shakhmuradov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1961. He is Lezgian. In 1976, he completed 8 years’ school education. Imametdin entered Baku Physical Education College. He began practicing weightlifting in 1975. He served in the Soviet Army during 1980-1982 without ceasing to practice weightlifting. In 1981, he was awarded the title of Master of Sports of the USSR.  In 1985, he moved to Shevchenko, Mangystau Region. He worked at a secondary school and later, as a weightlifting coach at the Sports Palace. In 1994, he became the Region Chief Weightlifting and Powerlifting Coach. In 1997, he graduated from Dagestani Pedagogic University part-time. His students have become champions and prizewinners at all-Kazakhstan tournaments 50 times, at Asian Championships, 15 times, and at world championship, 7 times.
  2. Ruslan Shykhsafiyev was born in Shevcheko, Mangystau Region, in 1979. He is a native Lezgian. He went to Secondary School 14, after which he entered a college to study Freezing Device Engineering. In 1997, he entered Aktau State University. Having graduated, he served in the army in 2002. In 1995, Ruslan became a prizewinner at an RK Youth Competition for the first time to win the 1997 RK Cup  in Aktobe. He won the bronze prize at the Asian Youth Championship the same year.  He was awarded the Master of Sports title in 1998.
  • 1999: 3rd place at the Asian Youth Championship. Tegeran;
  • 2001: 3rd place at the RK Championship;
  • 2002 RK Champion.

In 2003, he was awarded the World Class Master of Sports in Free-Style Wrestling of the Republic of Kazakhstan  title.

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