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National Unity as the Basis of Patriotism

25.11.2014 2952
National Unity as the Basis of Patriotism

Nowadays, our country has a stable basis, and we do hold a place among globally recognized states. It was our powerful national spirit and the perfectly reasonable policy introduced by our active and hardworking President. The conceptual principles introduced by the Head of our state have been a basis for fast economic development, social stability as part of our internal policy, and undeniable Independence in terms of international policy.

N.Nazarbayev encourages friendship and concord in the multiethnic society. He has applied economic programs to foster unification and inspire faith for every ethnic group.

“Kazakhstani patriotism is based on all-republican equality and the responsibility for our Motherland which every citizen can feel,” our Head of State says.

It is those who glorify our country, bearing the responsibility of pride, those who win Olympic prizes whom we believe to be truly patriotic. For instance, the ХVІІ Summer Asian Games, which took place in Incheon, South Korea from September 19 to October 4 this year, were a success for us. Our patriots brought another 28 gold medals, 23 silver, and 33 bronze ones to the national treasury. Who are those people? They are patriots representing various ethnic groups, whose hearts, like the hearts of the Kazakh people, beat to tell the world, “Kazakhstan is my Motherland!” They are Russian, Uyghur, Tajik, Polish, and Uzbek athletes...

Gold: Margarita Yeliseyeva (weightlifting), Dmitry Balanding (swimming), Olga Dovgun (shooting), Aleksey Lutsenko (cycling), Yevgeny Alekseev, Aleksey Dergunov, Mikhail and Timofey Yemelyanovtar, Natalya Sergeyeva, Irina Podoynikova, Inna Klinova (rowing and canoeing), Margarita Mukasheva, Olga Safronova, Olga Rypakova (track and field events), Andrei Aktauov, Guzal Gafurova (karate), Anton Pinchuk, Ivan Dychko (boxing);

Silver: Zulfiya Chinshanlo, Maria Grabovetskaya (weightlifting), Maksim Rakov (judo), Ekaterina Rudenko (swimming), Svetlana Germanovich, Maria Vassilyeva (rowing), Rishat Livensho (wushu), Rassul Kaliyev, Gyuzel Manyurova (free-style wrestling), Natalya Sergeyeva, Sergey Yemelyanov, Yevgeny Alekseyev, Aleksey Dergunov (paddle and canoe rowing), Ekaterina Khupovets (karate);

Bronze: Aleksandra and Ekaterina Nemich (synchronous swimming), Andrei Mogilevskiy (trap shooting), Lenariya Mingazova, Mariyan Ordabayeva (judo), Ekaterina Aremyeva, Victoria Chepikova, Tatyana Amanzhol, Mamed Ibragimov, (free-style wrestling), Olga Safronova, Irina Ektova (track and field events), Yuri Berezintsev (paddle rowing and canoeing), Marina Volnova (boxing), Khalid Khalidov (karate).

The Kazakhstani team won 84 medals, coming fourth in the overall standing. The national team showed the best result in its history and set a new record. The Koreans saw our flag rise and heard our national anthem 28 times. The development of our country is marked by national unity, which underlies Kazakhstani patriotism.

Botagoz Ikramova

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