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Latvian Cuisine

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Latvian Cuisine

Latvian cuisine largely consists of agricultural products. Due to Latvia’s situation on the Baltic Sea shore,  fish is one of its staples. 

The highlights of Latvian cuisine include cold starters, putry (thin cereal-and vegetable mixture with pork fat, smoked meat or fish, or dairy fermented milk products),  fermented milk products (putels, fermented milk) and home-made cheese (bakstein).

Latvian staples include flour, cereals, peas, horse beans, potatoes, vegetables, milk, and dairy products (fermented milk, kefir, cottage cheese, and sour cream). Popular meat types are pork, beef, and poultry. Herring, including Baltic herring, is often used to cook national dishes.

Latvian everyday foods include cutlts, fish and meat dishes, pork ribs, and vegetable salads. During national holidays, the Latvians return to their ancient traditions and serve peas, pies, rye bread, cheese, and beer. Pea dishes are popular in Latvia. One of the recipes contains peas and pork fat.

Some dishes, such as skabputru, or sour porridge with pork, cannot be found in today's canteens. They have become obsolete. European cuisine has partially replaced traditional dishes. Kazakhstani Latvians are good at cooking Kazakh highlights too.

Home-made cheese, curd cheese spiced with cumin.

Putry, thin cereal-and vegetable mixture with pork fat, smoked meat or fish, or dairy fermented milk products;

Putelis, sour oat or pea kissel;  

Pea broth, cold broth, dumpling soup;

Cooked peas with pork fat;                                                               

Siļķu pudiņš, casserole made from herring and boiled potatoes;

Klops (onion klops), beef steak with onion sauce;

Farmer’s breakfast consisting on meat roast in egg or braised meat;

Buberte, oatmeal with whipped egg white;

Boiled potatoes with cheese;

Rhubarb kissel with whipped cream or milk;

Kamaro, braised chicken;

Blood sausage;

Blood pankaces (Suiti cuisine);

Sklandrausis, open-faced pastry with vegetable feeling.

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