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Karakalpak National Dishes

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Karakalpak cuisine has much in common with Kazak, Uzbek, and Turkmenian ones.

Karakalpak cuisine has much in common with Kazak, Uzbek, and Turkmenian ones.

Basic meat includes beef, lamb, mutton, camel, horse, and hare as well as  poultry. Mutton and beef are of special importance. Since the Karakalpaks are Muslims, they do not eat pork.

The most popular dishes are gurtik, pilaf, lamian, shulah, manti, samosa, pelmeni, chorba mashaba, and noodle broth.

Wheat flatbread is served with nearly all dishes.

Karakalpak drinks served to wash down foods are black and green tea. The tradition dates backs to the medieval nomadic routine. It is not only the Karakalpaks who include tea into meals but also the Kazakhs and Turkmenian people.

Like other ethnic groups inhabiting Central Asia, the Karakalpaks cook such Oriental dishes as pilaf, chorba, and manti. Naturally, Karakalpak cuisine has its highlights – gurtik (zhueri (dzhugari), wheat gurtik, shazh gurtik, mai gurtik, etc.), pilaf, shulah, lamian, kespas (noodles, manpar, naryn, manti, borek (green borek, water borek, mayek borek), aksaulak (broth aksaulak, melon aksaulak, etc. (aksaulak is a type of flatbread,), karma (fish dzhugari), mashaba, sutlash, gozhe, samosa, kylmysh, gosh nan, zagara nan, etc.

Zhueri gurtik and mai gurtik are very popular with Karakalpaks. In spite of their being quite ancient, many Karakalpak women cook them nowadays.

Durama is finely minced meat with  dumplings.

The Karakalpaks are fish lovers. They mostly fry it. Mixed dishes include karma, uyldyryk nan, and kakpash (dried fish). Dairy products, melon, and zucchinis are Karakalpak staples.


Basic dishes and broths


Dimlama, meat braised with onions and other vegetables


Kabob, shashlik

Kuyrdak, meat roast with vegetable gravy

Qatiqli, qatiq broth  



Moshkichiri, rice with mash

Mashkhurda, rice broth with mash

Naryn, noodles with meat


Samosa, small pastry

Ugra (noodles)

Chalop, qatiq broth served cool

Chuchvara, pelmeni

Shulah, made of rice

Chorba, broth with meat and potatoes in it

Dairy foods

Qatiq, a drink made of boiled milk

Suzbe, a cheese product prepared by draining qatiq

Qurut, a round-shaped product made by adding salt to cottage cheese

Ayran, a fermented milk product made by fermenting boiled cow or ewe milk

Kumiss, horse milk.

Aygerim Smatullayeva