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“Kazakhstan is Like a Second Motherland for My Compatriots”

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Kazakhstan has a large Tajik community. The Kazakh land has become their home.

Kazakhstan has a large Tajik community. The Kazakh land has become their home. There are nine Tajik culture centers across the republic, namely in Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Kostanay, Petropavl, Shymkent, Jambyl Region, and Saryagash and Maktaaral Districts, South Kazakhstan Region. In February 2003, they all were united to form the Somoniyon Association of Kazakhstani Tajik Cultural and Social Union under the auspices of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

The late Zhakhongir Davronov initiated the first Tajik Ethnic Culture Center named Pandzh on February 19, 1994. Heads of Maktaaral District allotted 38 hectare of land to the center so that it could arrange various charity and fund raising events. Zhakhongir Davronov entered the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and the Supreme Soviet. Akabay Khudoykullov currently heads the Pandzh Tajik Center.

The Tajik Culture Center of Saryagash Disrict is currently managed by Urunbay Esenboyev, that of Shymkent is headed by Rakhimkhodzha Faziyev; Makhkam Orifov is the head of the Jambyl Region Center; Bekpulat Tashpulatov is the head of the Avicenna Center in Almaty; the Astana Center is managed by Zafar Rakhmanbekov; the one in Kostanay is headed by Ergashbay Kholmatov, and Yakhekhadzha Ismailov is the head of the Petropavl Center.

Ergashbay Kholmatov, Saidmurod Sharifov, Yakhekhadzha Ismailov, Makhkam Orifov, and Akabay Khudoykullov are members of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

Makmud Yelov has been elected member of the Supreme Council of the International Association of Persian Speakers and Tajiks.

Urunbay Yesenboyev and Bekpulat Tashpulatov are also members of the Payvand Council.

Famous Tajik people who were born and worked in Kazakhstan include:

Religious scholar Ismail Abdullayev, born in Arsavid, Gorno-Machin Disrict in 1889. Moved to Zhantaksan, Maktaaral District, South Kazakhstan Region, in 1936. He contributed directly to the founding of an eight-year school in the village.

Nazarbek Safarov was born in Parasht, Zhazak Region, in 1919. Participant of the Great Patriotic War. Moved to Maktaaral District in 1943. Cotton growing master awarded with the Lenin Order and the Red Flag of Labor Order. An area in Maktaaral District was named Nazarbek to pay tribute to him at the 40th anniversary of the district.

Abubakr Mukhamadov, born and grown in Maktaaral District. Candidate of Economy. Associate Professor at Gulistan State University. Author of numerous books and articles in economy.

Zhakhangir Davronov, deceased, ex-headmaster of Saken Seyfullin Scondary School. His effort resulted in the introduction of Tajik as the language of instruction in 1967. Founder and firs chairman of the Pandzh National Culture Center in Maktaaral District, South Kazakhstan Region.  Former Representative of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, Representative of the Supreme Council of the International Association of Persian Speakers and Tajiks.

Amanbay Kusharov, born in Maktaaral District, October 20, 1946. Economist. Elected deputy head of the Pandzh National Culture Center on January 16, 2003. One of the initiators of school classes with instruction in Tajik.

Norbibi Khadzhiyeva, born in Lenin Sovkhoz, Zhetysu District, 1953. Economist. Director of Akaltin LLP. Curator of Abdurakhman Zhami Secondary School.

Yakhikhozha Ismailov, born in Maktaaral District, South Kazakhstan Region, December 22, 1962. He represented the Kazakhstani Muslim Administration in Zhezkazgan Region for 15 years. Ismailov has undertaken three pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina. First founder and Chairman of the Somoniyon Regional Tajik Culture Center in Karaganda Region. Member of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan. 10th Anniversary of Kazakhstani Constitution and Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan Medal awardee.

Professor of T.Zurgenov Art Academy Pulat Ildarov has been an Almaty resident since 1971. He has instructed such famous artists of Kazakhstan as T.Zhamankulov, D.Zholzhaksynov, and M.Utekeshov.  The Merited Artist of Kazakhstan and outstanding singer Roza Rymbayeva is one of his students.  He is the author of such plays as “Arshin-Malalan”, “Khatuma”, “Cinderella”, “Aldar Kose”, “The Roof Violinist”, and many more.

Famous Iranian scholar, literary scholar, and Chief Research Officer of the Institute of  Asian Studies of the Republic of Kazakhstan Adullo Safar is the translator who was he first to share such outstanding works by Mukhtar Auezov as “Karakoz”, “Abay”, and “Kokserek” with Persian-speaking readers. He says, “I have been living and working in Almaty for the last 16 years. To tell the truth, I have come to love the city sincerely. It is one of the most beautiful cities. I love Almaty dearly.”

Individual entrepreneur, Chairman of Somoniyon Regional Tajik Culture Center in Karaganda Region (2003-2008) Saidmurod Sharifov says, “The Association was registered in February, 2003. It is like another motherland for my compatriots in Kazakhstan. The purpose of the Association is to preserve the language, culture, traditions, and customs of its representatives as well as to make Kazakh people familiar with the rich Tajik culture.”

Khikmatullo Khalikov, Master of Sports, Merited Coach of Kazakhstan, Chief Coach of the Central Army Sports Club of the RK Ministry of Defense.

Individual entrepreneur in Maktaaral Region Makhmud Yelov is the Vice-President of the Yntymak Joint Stock Venture and a Member of the Supreme Council of the International Association of Persian Speakers and Tajiks.

The names listed below are also widely known: Miraziz Usmanov, Dilbar Turkbenbayeva, Parviz Nazarov, Yusufzhan Aminov, Makhkam Orifov, Zikrilla Shoaliyev, Toshpulod Nasridinov, Isroil Ibragimov, Artyk Berdiyev,  Abdurakhman Khasanov, Yusufbek Akramov, Urunboy Esenboyev,  Yusufakhmad Isomatov, Akabay Khudoykulov, Akobay Adbulloyev, Urunboy Esenboyev, Khonkeldi  Nasildinov, Kikmatullo Normatov, Mamatali Urmonov, Rizomat Radzhamaov, Ashurali Ergashev, Kholmat Samadov, Muftullo Solmetov, Tukhmamurod Isombrdiyev, Mirzokarim Boborakhimov, Nurali Shoaliyev, Mamadazim Uromonov, Muftullo Asrorodinov,  Tazhibay Isametov, Nasrullo Tugashv, Matluba Shoaliyeva, Nasibdzhan Amoni, Ergashboy Kholmatov, Rakhimkhodzha Fayziyev, Sayfullo Yusufov, Bekpulat Tashpulatov, etc.

“Kazakhstan is the most international country. It is the home of a hundred ethnic communities. I believe this is what makes Kazakhstan powerful. Kazakhstan is my second home. This is where I got married; this where my children were born and grew up. The happiest events in my life are closely related to the country. It was in Kazakhstan that I became a famous and mature signer. That is why I respect my second Motherland and feel grateful to it,” says the famous Tajik singer Parviz Nazarov.

Indeed, the united Kazakhstan is a second Motherland, a second home for many ethnic groups.



Gulmira Bisenova