The victory of teenagers

They have 6 medals in total: 1 silver, 2 bronze and 3 gold medals.
The victory of teenagers
11.04.2017 12:23 25328

The teenagers’ team from Kazakhstan won the 3rd place in the world championship of athletics in Bangkok for the first time. They have 6 medals in total; they are 1 silver, 2 bronze and 3 gold medals.

16-year-old Anatoly Savelyev at 62 kg lifted 281 kg (127+154) and won the first gold medal. Artem Antropov who competed at 82 kg lifted 323 kg (138+185) and got the second gold medal.

Among girls 15-year-old Olga Pastukhova at 75 kg took the 1st place with the result of 211 kg (91+120).

At the weight category of 62 kg Dariya Pavlova won a silver medal with the result of 281 kg (127+154).

Assylzhan Bektai took the 3rd place to with points of 306 (140+166) at the weight category of 77 kg.

Among girls at 69 kg our compatriot Karina Kuzganbayeva got the second bronze medal in Olympic weightlifting.

Consequently, boys and girls’ team got the 3rd place, our teenagers’ results allowed to win all license of weightlifting in the Teenagers Olympiad of 2018.

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