“Smart" neurostimulators used in Kazakhstan for first time

“Smart" neurostimulators used in Kazakhstan for first time
Фото: Press Service of Central City Clinical Hospital of Almaty 18.04.2024 16:54 906

The Central City Clinical Hospital in Almaty celebrates a significant breakthrough in the treatment of chronic spinal pain syndromes. For the first time in Kazakhstan, doctors of this medical institution installed the latest neurostimulators in the spinal cord of two patients suffering from degenerative diseases, El.kz reports.

These innovative medical devices, known as Vanta SureScan MRI Medtronic, are a new word in the treatment of spinal pain. Designed to combat chronic pain syndromes caused by various spinal pathologies, they provide patients with the opportunity to return to normal life without pain and discomfort.

One of the main advantages of the new neurostimulators is their unique ability to adapt to any position of the patient's body, automatically adjusting their work. This significantly increases the comfort of patients and facilitates the recovery process.

These innovative surgeries were performed at the Central City Clinical Hospital in Almaty and were the first of their kind in Kazakhstan. The doctors used advanced techniques and technologies, having been trained by leading specialists in the field of neurosurgery.

This significant advancement in the field of medicine underscores the importance of innovation and modern technology in the fight against severe diseases. The installation of "smart" neurostimulators has become a new stage in improving the quality of life of patients with spinal diseases in Kazakhstan.

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