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The Jungar Gates

27.07.2017 4336

Jungar ALatau and Barlyk ridges

The Jungar Gates are situated between the Jungar ALatau and Barlyk ridges, near the Chinese border. Historically, this is a special place in the nomad culture. The Great Silk Way passed through these “gates”, Chingiz Khan crossed the mountain pass on his way to conquer the Middle Asia in XIII century. Jungar Gates – is a 50 km long tight tectonic crack. The gorge (canyon) is divided by deep 300-400 high fractures and connects Balhash-Alakolsk valley with Jungar plain. Small snakes hide in the ravine’s bushes and coniferous thickets. Alakol Lake runs on the north of the Jungar gates entry, Ebi Nur Lake flows on the south. Zhalanshakol Lake is in the northern part of the gorge as well. The picturesque view opens from the left coast of Yrgaity Lake. One of this mountain’s unique features is its tight, long, aerodynamically shaped corridor. This results in strong dry south-eastern wind “ibe” coming from China. The north-western wind called “saikan” blows from Kazakhstan. These are the strongest winds on whole ex-soviet territory. Sometimes they can go as fast as 70 meters in second. Today they plan to use the “saikan” also known as “bloody wind” to create electro energy on a wind farm. This is an important historical site as well. One of the most important battles in Kazakh culture happened here during the Jungar invasion. The battle took place in a second half of the XVIII century. The jungars was getting ready to cross the gates. Then, 15 year old boy Sartai created the group of teenagers and named it “Myn bala” – thousand boys. Brave boys sacrificed their life but held back the jungar hordes, before the Kazakh troops arrived. Another event happened here on 13 of August in 1969. Back then the border was crossed by armed Chinese troops. It became the biggest border conflict between USSR and China. 2 soviet soldiers died, 10 got wounded, 19 Chinese were killed, and 3 were taken as hostages. On 11 of September in 1969 the peace document was signed in Beijing. From 1991, still running todat, the Trans Asian train is passing through the Jungar gates. The corridor links Asia and Europe. The Chinese Lánxīn Tiělù station is located on the south of the canyon. Kazakh station Dostyk is situated in the center of the gorge.