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The World`s Most In Demand Professions

Becoming a highly sought specialist of the 21st century

Each century in the history of humankind is marked by new opportunities and discoveries in different spheres of human life. Coming on the threshold of the 21st century, many people felt the breath of the new time with its rapid development of the latest technologies, global computer availability, and important medical discoveries.

Information about the most popular professions in the world is interesting to those who have not yet decided on the final choice or thinking about the field of activity. Check out the current ranking of the 10 most in-demand destinations around the world, compiled by the joint efforts of labor market analysts from different countries.

Headhunters politely put in the database the resumes of lawyers and economists who have spent fabulous money on education and are trying to find at least a penny job, and snatch specialists in the field of engineering and logistics from each other.

If your goal is to get a perspective job, and not a subscription to a labor exchange, you should carefully read the list of professions that will be in priority in the coming decades.

Experts on engineering

This specialization is chosen, not only by hereditary “Techies” but also by those who plan to keep up with progress in the rapid development of the construction industry and production automation is not far off. The well-educated engineers evolve fairly and quickly to senior executives. The main thing is not to be lazy, to delve into the intricacies of production.

Unlike your engineering grandfather, you will have to master at least technical English. This will significantly increase your quotations in foreign companies, that are happy to hire domestic engineers.


The number of programs for tablet computers, smartphones, and other gadgets has been already in the thousands. But users expect new applications no less than children – gifts from Santa Claus. Therefore, ensuring the operability of the software market is an advanced and profitable business.

The significant bonuses in the IT skills portfolio are the design and website modeling skills. By setting a job at Google or Microsoft as your goal, you can easily make your dream come true.


Hippocrates of the XXI century has very high demands. To cure people, today it is not enough to learn by heart anatomy, physiology, physics, and chemistry –modern doctors need fundamental knowledge in the field of electronics and biotechnology.

Medical Centers purchasing high-tech medical equipment give preference to doctors whose humane aspirations to help humanity are backed up by the ability to communicate with technology very well.

Professionals in the tourism industry

A person's craving for travel is increasing every year. Yesterday, the ultimate dream of the average Russian family was a trip to the country. Today, people are drawn either to the Red Sea or to the snow-capped Himalayas. Only a professional travel manager can offer clients popular or exotic travel destinations, find the most suitable route, and provide a comfortable rest from the labors of the righteous. This same Specialty guarantees a high-paying position in a 5-star hotel.

Logistics specialists

The fiercest computer battles are incomparable with real wars in the struggle for product markets. Sometimes, the partnership agreements hide the tough games of competitors. Managing product flows and other material assets is as fun as it is profitable. Companies line up for good logisticians with a keen economic instinct, knowledge of transport infrastructure, and topography.


From “Nerds” specialists with environmental education turned into the rulers of the world. A person is so mired in the garbage, emissions, exhaust, and other waste of life and production that without urgent resolution of the conflict with nature, the program of self-destruction can be accelerated. Today, all hope is for ecologists. And for its salvation, humanity is ready to pay a lot of money to those who know how to save the world from an environmental catastrophe.

Chemists and power engineers

A holy faith of man in the infinity of natural resources is broken on the bottom of dry rivers and shallow oil wells. The energy of the earth will not last long. Today, all efforts are thrown into the search for alternative energy sources, as well as on improving energy efficiency. The production of solar panels, individual heating systems, air conditioning systems requires new technologies and solutions. Anyone with a degree in chemistry or power engineering owns the world.


Today, nanotechnology has descended from space heights and is widely used in mechanical engineering, medicine, and even the food industry. Every day the field of application of robots and microcircuits is expanding, which means that the demand for specialists in nanotechnology is growing. All studies of new types of materials are carried out by engineers under a microscope, but the number of zeros in the figures of their payroll is clearly visible to the naked eye.

Content Manager

This is a person who fills sites with materials (content): articles, news, photos. His responsibilities include coordinating the work of copywriters, moderators, and other specialists working on the site. This is a hectic, hard, and demanding job, where you need to have experience and broad knowledge. Such work requires perseverance, developed creative imagination, and the ability to work with large amounts of information.


This is a person who is engaged in consulting or teaching people online. The only condition is that you must be a real specialist in some area of knowledge. As a psychologist, you can consult people on Skype. And if you are a lawyer, you can work on the forums, advising on how to set up your own business. You can create your own course and teach people something new, or just sell it as well.

The list of the most in-demand specializations in the world also includes glaziers, roofers, bricklayers, tilers, automotive electricians, carpenters, milling cutters, toolmakers, bakers, and cabinet makers. Each of the top professions is not an easy piece of bread, but with butter, because employers all over the world are ready to motivate financially those who not only pursued a good education but also know how to work with their hands.

Be prepared by 2030

In the coming years, our world will undergo significant changes that will affect all spheres of human activity in the 21st century. British researchers have proposed highly sought-after professions that will appear in the near future. According to their calculations, by 2030 the following professions will become a reality:

  •  Specialist in the creation of artificial organs;
  •  Farmers using gene technologies;
  •  Space architects and pilots;
  •  Climate Change Specialist;
  •  Alternative transport development specialists;
  •  Psychologists and social media workers;
  •  Information recycling specialists;
  •  A surgeon specializing in memory augmentation;
  •  Scientific Ethics Specialist;
  •  Senior Citizen Consultant;
  •  Timebank brokers.