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Formation of anti-corruption culture among ethnocultural associations

09.07.2020 846
On formation of anti-corruption culture in North Kazakhstan region

The Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Agency developed an open cooperation agreement on creating an atmosphere of intolerance towards any manifestation of corruption and on creating an anti-corruption culture in society. The agreement is aimed at consolidating the efforts of the State and civil society institutions to eliminate and prevent the causes and conditions conducive to the commission of corruption offences and to instill zero tolerance of any manifestation of corruption in the public. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that the agreement is open to accession by any public associations, non-profit organizations, regardless of form of ownership, and citizens of Kazakhstan who recognize its goals and objectives.

In North Kazakhstan region, 263 state institutions, non-governmental and public organizations have joined the open agreement. This includes representatives of human rights, trade union, State and quasi-state organizations. With a view of attraction of potential of the public for formation of anticorruption culture, the plan of joint actions between Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on affairs of public service and counteraction to corruption and Assembly of People of Kazakhstan was signed. A round table was held in Petropavlovsk on the subject of "Issues of forming an anti-corruption culture among ethnocultural and religious associations". Representatives of ethno-cultural and religious associations, heads of government bodies, public associations and the media were invited to participate in the event.

In the light of the implementation of the priority areas of the Anti-Corruption Strategy of Kazakhstan for 2015-2025 and the main provisions of the Anti-Corruption Act, the powers and degree of participation of the civil sector have been expanded not only in the management decision-making process but also in the conduct of anti-corruption monitoring. Close cooperation with the non-governmental sector is of paramount importance in the implementation of these objectives. Galym Tursunbayev, Head of the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Public Service and Anti-Corruption Activities in the North-Kazakhstan Region, spoke about the role of civil society in combating corruption. “The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan became an important element of the political system of Kazakhstan, which consolidated the interests of all ethnic groups, ensuring strict observance of rights and freedoms of citizens regardless of their nationality. By forming inter-ethnic relations in society, we form a society that builds an equal dialogue between people” Nail Salimov, Head of the Secretariat of the North Kazakhstan Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan said.

Only equal rights and equal conditions can guarantee all citizens a decent life and a decent future for the younger generation. The North Kazakhstan Regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan makes an undeniable contribution to the organization of work on strengthening interethnic relations and formation of high moral qualities among representatives of ethno-cultural centers.

With a theme "About work carried out by the religious organizations on formation of anticorruption culture in a society" the head of Administration on religion affairs of the North Kazakhstan region Muratbek Zeynullin delivered a speech.

The chairman of a youth wing of regional assembly Sagynysh Bekterirova told about formation of anticorruption culture among youth. According to her words, the youth is one of the most organized, socially-active layers of population, it is objectively a generator of new ideas, vital force and energy of society. Youth is not just the future of the country, it is its present, and the young generation is able to eradicate corruption. At the end of the meeting opinions, suggestions and recommendations on further joint work were listened to.