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«Sacral geography of Kazakhstan». All we need to know about the unique project

28.08.2017 5386

The program is going to serve as one more step on the way of forming the national identity 

«Sacral geography of Kazakhstan». All we need to know about the unique project

The head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev in his program article «The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience» offered to form a list of Kazakhstan’s sacral places The project’s main aim is to pull the people together through understanding the value of the key historical spiritually valuable places on the territory of our state of the Great steppe. The program is going to serve as one more step on the way of forming the national identity and pulling the nation together.

«Sacral geography of Kazakhstan» is a unique project with a special meaning for all the regions of the country as every single corner of it has its own spiritual holies that come up as the basis of the historical and cultural heritage of the whole nation. The specialty of the project is that for the first time ever all these objects will be brought together into one common geographic belt. At the end all the gathered and processed information about the sacral places will give an outstanding possibility for everybody to perceive the scope of the spiritual heritage of our ancestors and will lead to the strengthening of the national historical conscience.

For this specific purpose a new scientific and research center named «Sacral Kazakhstan» was created. Information about 600 historical objects was sent to this center for analysis from all the regions of the state which shows the involvement of them all. The list includes wide-known Charyn canyon, Kazygurt Mountain, medieval cities Syganak, Sauran, Sairam, also Voznesenk cathedral, mausoleums and mosques. The contemporary cultural monuments are also not forgotten, as Kazakh Eli monument in Astana and Tauelsizdik monument with the image of the «golden warrior» that is situated on the Republic square in Almaty. The last one was installed in celebration of the first five years of Kazakhstan’s independence.

Best specialists are involved into this massive work including archeologists, historians, art specialists and ethnographists. September this year they are going to make a tour around Kazakhstan within the specially organized commission in order to examine the places applied. This year six directions are going to be studied through expeditions: the South, North, East, West, Central and South-East Kazakhstan, including national parks as natural territories under special protection, wildlife sanctuaries and remote places.

In total 100 objects of cultural heritage will be included into the sacral map of Kazakhstan. Another 500 objects will be included into the regional list of sacral objects. However, this division is rather conditional and it is pretty likely that the quantity and quality of the composition will be remarkably altered.

Then within five upcoming years five encyclopedias titled «Sacral Kazakhstan» will be published. The first volume is planned to be issued in October 2017.

«Sacral geography of Kazakhstan» as a special project is not limited only with the popularization of the national treasure. It is also aimed to the support of the inner cultural and pilgrimage tourism. Moreover, the project is going to make a multiplicative effect to the quality of knowledge of schoolchildren about the role and places of cultural and geographical belt of holies of the country, together with giving an impulse to the development of scientific documentaries about Kazakhstan.