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Kazakhstani souvenirs: what the tourists will take after the “EXPO-2017”

03.05.2017 4934

Here is a rating of the most popular souvenirs from Kazakhstan

Matryoshka from Russia, incense from India, straw hats from Thailand. They are all the souvenirs taken with tourists as reminders of the trip. Kazakhstan also has a number of national souvenirs. Below there is a rating of the most popular souvenirs from Kazakhstan.

1. Small merchandise

Visitors, who normally do not attach importance to souvenirs, usually buy some memorable gifts about the country not for themselves but for their friends. And they do it before departure, at the airport or at the railway station. Basically, they are magnets, pens, key rings and plates with the image of the Republican sites, or the statuette of the Baiterek in miniature. Later, at home, they give these magnets to their annoying colleagues, eager to get gifts from the colleague. These kinds of souvenir are so popular, because their prices are reasonable.

2. Felt products

For the ancient Kazakhs felt (felted wool) is all of them. They lived in a dwelling made of felt, slept under it, wore felt clothes and even made jewelries out of felt. Now this craft moved into the category of a hobby, which is mainly for commercial gain. Here and in souvenir products felt products are presented in a large assortment. Indeed, what things made from wool you can find in the souvenir shops: tumar (talisman), panels, boxes in shape of a yurt, purses and bags, key rings and jewelries. But the most popular among tourists are felt slippers.

Knowing this “weakness” of foreigners, our commodity series are filled with them. They are for men, women, children; different colors, sizes and models. Such a souvenir, by the way, is not only practical, but useful. That is because wool is a sustainable natural product and has beneficial effects on health. Feet in these slippers will always be in the dry heat. But there is only drawback - the price of felt souvenirs. Due to the time-consuming work in the manufacture of woolen gifts, their cost is much higher than analogues’ of the same leather.

3. Hats and T-shirts

This is another practical hello “From Kazakhstan with love”. Baseball caps, skull caps and T-shirts with patriotic inscriptions are also very popular among visitors. Especially, foreign tourists are fond of skull caps. They are willing to wear them at home – they are colorful and exclusive. In addition, this national headwear will always remind of the place where they have happened to be.

4. Chocolate and cognac

This classic set is also firmly rooted among the list of most revered “gifts” from Kazakhstan. The exclusively chocolate “Kazakhstan” from “Rakhat” has a cover which depicts our flag. Clean taste of this dark chocolate has long conquered the sweet tooth of many countries. Therefore, in the top “what would you like from Kazakhstan, my daughter?” is not a scarlet flower, but the same chocolate.

Well, lovers of a completely different flavor order cognac “Kazakhstan” from our country.  However, lovers of our “strong drinks” are so far, only mainly from the CIS countries, who have tasted its flavor. For examples, representatives of Europe are wary of domestic alcoholic products, so they prefer in this case to get only one chocolate.

5. National clothes

Important foreign travelers to Kazakhstan are given the national dress. Perhaps you witnessed at the airport how a high-ranking visitor coming for the first time arrived in the country and his shoulders were thrown with a luxurious chapan (robe). It is a tradition preserved among the Kazakh people since ancient times, when an important guest came into the yurt he was given the best chapan and a horse in addition. Now, of course, the tradition has been simplified – only one national outfit.

Well, if the visitor of our country is not privileged, then, of course, he should not wait for gifts in the form of a chapan. But in the ranks of souvenir there are many varieties of national dresses and headwear, which, if desired, can also be purchased in memory of the country. However, their cost is very expensive, because the majority of these products are made by hand. But, tourists get an exclusive of national works in its pure form.

Of course, this is not a complete list of what is often taken away with foreign visitors. Some manage to bring themselves home national delicacies of horsemeat, kurt and kumys (mare’s milk) to treat their families with strange foods. As they say, there is a matter of taste. Well, the international exhibition “EXPO 2017” will make adjustments to our top. We are waiting for what else the world of national souvenirs will surprise us. What a memorable gift associated with the energy of the future will be displayed on the shelves.