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8 winter capital entertainments

28.02.2017 2851

We prepared top winter activities in our city for those who do not like staying home.

If you have not opened the winter season of sledding and wallowing in the snowdrifts yet, that is the time to do it! Last month of the winter left (even though in our region we can make snowmen in March). In order not to waste the time, go out quickly until the snow has melted. And we, in turn, prepared top winter activities in our city for those who do not like staying home.

  1. Sleds, buns

Who does not like sledding? Only those who prefer tubing, ice-boats, or just the bottoms! Not only children slide but uncles and aunts too. Slides were built in the city a lot this year. The main slide is located in the biggest ice town in the capital, near the “Khan Shatyr” SEC. It is icy and two-way, the height of 5.5 meters. For those who are afraid of heights and speed, there are other medium and small slides. As they say, everything that your heart desires. For the convenience of visitors, there is a tubing rental service for adults and children.

  1. Ice-skating

For the amateurs of ice-skating, a lot of ice-skating rinks have been made in the city. The biggest of them is in the “Aray” park. Its size is 5 thousand square meters! The skate rental is located right there, as well as a heating point, a cafe, first aid and radio rooms. Other ice-skating rinks are near the “Khan Shatyr” SEC, in the city square, in the “Zheruyik” park, on the Akbulak River, near the “Palace of schoolchildren”, as well as on the school grounds.

  1. Skiing

The city has two equipped ski tracks. The first is located in the “Capital” park. In winter, skiers ski here in full, but in summer you can go rollerblading here. The width of the track is 6 m; the length is 2.5 km (plus additional kilometer loop). The track is absolutely free, so if you have your own equipment, there is no obstacle. All trails are lit and rolled. And if do not have your own skis, you can hire on the basis of rental at the “Astana Park Hotel”. The second track is located in the “Presidential” park. It is also possible to hire ski equipment there.

  1. Dog sledding

For those who have not known yet, on the embankment of the Ishim River there is an entertainment unusual for us, “Huskyland”. There they offer a husky dog sledding. Especially children are fond of. Children get two kinds of pleasures in one bottle: they can have a fun sled, and play with these kind dogs. Take a notice that the Huskies are not against their work. Naturally, they are sled dogs, so to stretch the bones the dogs are only “for”.

  1. Winter fishing

For fans of winter fishing, it is an individual sport. If summer fishing is much simpler: a fishing rod, a fish tank, cream against mosquitoes, and you are a fisherman, in winter fishing, everything is more difficult (in terms of equipment). And you need to have big enthusiasm to bear the cold.  But that is nothing for fishing lovers. You can fish in Astana as well as near there are many places to fish. For example, a lot of fishermen settled on the Rowing Channel. But here fishing is for fun, as the saying goes. And if you want to fish and bring the fish, then you can go to the Nur behind Sabyndy aul (an hour’s drive from Astana) or the “Vyacheslavovskoe Reservoir” (50 km to the east of the city).

  1. Paintball

If there is a little adrenaline in your life and you want to play “fray”, to express all your fervor, taken from the office work, the paintball is to help you! In Astana there are a lot of paintball clubs, offering to play in open landfills. The only point is the choice. Here you can either breathe clean frosty air or get emotional discharge.

  1. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling can be used exclusively in the snow season, so do not disregard this opportunity! If you have already ridden on a snowmobile, then you know what an incredible feeling it is. You can hire a snowmobile on country recreation in Astana. You will be offered to ride with an instructor or to scorch yourself.

  1. Horse riding

Horse riding is both pleasing, not only in summer but also in winter. Furthermore, country houses have horse riding facilities. There you and whole merry company can sled with horses or ride the horse youself.