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20 interesting facts you have not heard about Aktau

05.04.2017 6746

Aktau is the city where you can reach your destination for 200 tg.

1. Aktau is the only port city of our country.

2. Aktau is the city where you can reach your destination for 200 tg.

3. Aktau is the youngest city of Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1963.

4. Aktau is the only city where swans inhabit.

5. Near Aktau there is the biggest uranium borehole in the world. Nowadays the borehole does not work.

6. Aktau is the first city where the manufacturing fast neutron nuclear power plant was constructed.

7. Aktau has the “Caspian Riviera Grand Palace” hotel. There is the aquarium contained 890 000 liters of water in it on the 6th floor. The unique aquarium is distinguished with its stunning architecture. 

8. Aktau is the city which celebrates New Year without snow.

9. Aktau does not have the natural well of fresh water. Therefore residents drink fresh water processed from the Caspian Sea.

10. Aktau is the only city without any street names. The city has only micro districts. Their numbers are from 1 to 33.

11. Aktau is the second city in the world which has the lighthouse on the roof of a residential complex.

12. Aktau is the city constructed from the ground up by the main project of Leningrad Planning Institute. 

13. In the East of Mangyshlak Ustyurt, approximately 50 km away from Aktau, from north-west to south-east there is the deepest depression in the world which reaches the depth of 132 meters below the ocean level.  The depression is called Karakiya.

14. Aktau is the place where Dossan and Issa batyrs were born.

15. Aktau is the city which truly celebrates a real new year.

16. Aktau is the city where people keep the tradition “korisu” on 14 March, when people come to each other and apologize for past offence.

17. Aktau is the city preserved the tradition when daughters-in-law bow their heads to respect the elderly people.

18. Aktau is the wonderful city located on the shore of the biggest in the world Caspian Sea.

19. Aktau is the only city which has Marine Corps.

20. Aktau is the city which planned to construct the restaurant under the sea (project costs $ 10 million).