Repatriates Assembly


10.07.2019 3667

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Atyrau region held an action "Qasietti dombyra" dedicated to the National Dombyra Day. 

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Within the limits of the given action in Atyrau regional perinatal center, the festive action has been organized, in which representatives and the chairman of regional council of mothers "Altyn shanyrak" at APK of Atyrau region Galina Povstyanko, the chairman of city Council of Mothers Saltanat Ubdyanova, and also the chairman of ethno-cultural association "Svyatoch" Raisa Bitkova took part.

Newborn babies and their mothers were congratulated by Head of “Qogamdyq kelisim” MPI Zhanat Doskaliyeva.

"The dombra has always been a symbol of musical culture of Kazakhstan, it is close to our soul since childhood, its depth of sounding reaches the heart of everyone. The dombra is in our blood, preserved in consciousness, marked in the national code. Therefore, we wish our mothers and their children and families good health, joy and happiness. I express hope that they will grow up and bring up worthy citizens of the country who respect our national roots - traditions, language and spiritual values," Zhanat Doskalieva said.

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Also, in a festive atmosphere, the chairmen of the regional, city council of mothers and the chairmen of the ethno-cultural association congratulated young mothers on the holiday, and the main attribute of the holiday - dombra was handed over to the first-born of the Zhaksimov family.

In addition, such events were widely celebrated in Zhylyoi, Makat and Kyzylkogin districts of the region.

Meanwhile, all maternity hospitals in Zhambyl region held celebrations in honor of Dombra Day.


In particular, representatives of ethno-cultural associations, the Council of Mothers and Aksakals of Zhambyl region held an action "Qasietti dombyra" in three maternity hospitals in Taraz.

Chairman of the Council of Mothers Mukhabbat Mirazhapova stressed the importance of celebrating the Day of dombra and gave each child a dombra and a white shawl to mothers.


Taraz resident Gulzhaina Alsiyeva gave birth to a girl in the maternity ward of City Hospital No. 1 and named her Fariza after poetess Fariza Ongarsynova. In addition, the young poet, an employee of the Department of Public Events of the Mayor's Office of the region Bereket Kosbergenov dedicated the song-arnau to the newborn Fariza, performing it on the dombra.


In addition, the national dombra instrument was also given to young mothers in remote areas of the region.

Antonina Belyaeva, a representative of the Public Association "Russian Community "Radonezh" even sang a song in Kazakh for parents "Anasy Bar Adamdar".