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Yussup Keligov: Payment to Mediators Will Give New Impact to Mediation Institute Development

05.08.2019 2671

 Delivering speech at the Republican Science & Practice Conference, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, professional mediator Yussup Keligov drew attention of participants to the problem of mediators' remuneration.

"As far as we know, the solution of this problem and their elimination will give a new impetus to the development of the institution of mediation. The main issue is remuneration of labor" the mediator said.


According to him, this issue can be solved only through legislation. Thus, as Yussup Keligov noted, to raise the prestige of the mediator, its responsibility and the confidence of citizens in the institution.

It should be noted that mediation centres operate at the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

"Last year the Assembly received 33,000 appeals from citizens. It should be noted that at such appeals after the first consultation people immediately withdrew questions. This shows the importance of the institution of mediation. In 13,749 cases, the issue was removed after the consultation, and in 11,000 cases agreements and mediation agreements were reached," Yusup Keligov concluded.

Dana Tugambekova

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