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Yussup Keligov: ‘Elbasy and the People’ – The Book About Peace, Unity and Accord

30.07.2019 659

The book "Elbasy and the People", prepared for publication by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, was published.

It is dedicated to the Kazakhstani model of social accord and interethnic unity, the ideological inspiration of which was the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Thanks to it, there is the public consent, civil peace and calmness in our country.

"In a difficult period of formation, Kazakhstan did not allow for splitting, division and clashes on the basis of ethnic origin. It became possible thanks to the proclaimed principle of internal political stability, civil peace and interethnic consent" is written in the preface to the book "Elbasy and the People".

Indeed, in the early 1990s, when Kazakhstan began to build an independent policy, taking a course on market relations and social reforms, the country was foreshadowed by interethnic strife. But these pessimistic forecasts did not come true.

The success of the reforms in many ways predetermined the policy of the First President of Kazakhstan, aimed at strengthening social accord and interethnic unity. Its reliable conductor was the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. Thus poly-ethnicity and polylingualism in the republic became our competitive advantage.

Domestic political stability and interethnic unity have become an important condition for the development of Kazakhstan and for the realization of the strategic objectives of socio-economic and political modernization of the country. Thanks to this, in a short period of time, Kazakhstan has entered the 50 developed countries of the world.

The built system of interrelations between ethnic groups, based on the principle of "unity in diversity", today attracts the attention of politicians and specialists in this field. It is no coincidence that the international lexicon calls the Kazakhstani model of social accord and interethnic unity "Nazarbayev’s".  

The publication reflects the role of the First President - Elbasy in creating a unique model of public accord and interethnic unity, collected publications and responses of famous politicians, deputies, public figures and journalists.

Indeed, the creation of a unique institution of national unity - the Assembly in 1995 was a key factor in the consolidation of society. The Assembly gathered representatives of all nationalities of our republic under its wing. The existing ethno-cultural associations have become the centers that carefully preserve the culture, language, traditions and customs of the ethnic groups living in the republic.

The first chapter of the publication consists of speeches by Nursultan Nazarbayev at all sessions of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. The book contains memoirs of Elbasy’s colleagues, heads of the ethno-cultural associations participating in the organization and formation of APK, in formation of its structures and realization of projects.

The publication is interesting with its visual retrospective. It contains many photographs from different years. They were provided by the fund of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy, where the book was presented. Photos reflect the historical moments connected with carrying out of sessions of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, meetings of Chairman Nursultan Nazarbayev with members of ethno-cultural associations in regions, opening of Houses of friendship.

Next year, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and this publication will undoubtedly be in demand and useful not only for experts in the field of interethnic relations, members of APK and ethno-cultural associations, but also for a wide range of readers in many countries.


Deputy Chairman

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

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