Repatriates Assembly


30.05.2019 789

At the platform of the X International Forum "Memory for the Future" of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Timur Jumurbayev, Deputy Chairman of "Zhangyru Zholy" RYM informed about it.

He noted that in order to achieve success tomorrow, it is necessary to know the lessons of the past generations very well, so as not to repeat the tragic mistakes.

On Remembrance Day of Political Repression and Famine Victims, as the Speaker emphasized, it is customary to remember those who died for the freedom and independence of our country, who stood in the vanguard of the national intelligentsia, and became a victim of totalitarian regime.

"The responsibility to carry the watch of memory and to keep these pages of our history in the minds and hearts falls on the shoulders of the young generation," Timur Jumurbayev said.

He reminded about the historical and ecological project "Sacred heritage Uly Dala Eli" is one of the largest flagship projects of the youth wing of APK, which became the main topic of discussion at the site "Historical memory in youth projects".

Negative phenomena such as ignorance not only of the country's history but also of the history of one's own family can also be found in the work with young people.

"Today it is very important to create the necessary content in a free and creative format. When studying archival documents, materials, and exhibits, we need to give young people the opportunity to be interactive and involved in the process of preserving historical memory," Timur Jumurbayev explained.

According to him, it will be possible to ensure the continuity of the process of preservation of historical memory only if young people know history and pass on to their peers what they hear at such forums as "Memory for the Future".

"Then we will continue the thread of history. In this regard, I propose to start a hashtag #meninesimde in social networks, under which you can share the history of your ancestors. We have to tell how our families arrived on the Kazakh land, and how warmly the Kazakh people received them," Deputy Head of "Zhangyru Zholy" RYM said.

He called it an important step in passing the baton to the next generation.

"We must remember that harmony and unity are the root of all our successes and victories. It is important that young people receive the right knowledge. By studying and accepting our common history, we can avoid falsifying the historical process," Timur Jumurbayev said.

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