Repatriates Assembly


29.04.2019 521

XXVII Session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan was attended by Nursultan Nazarbayev’s coach in Greco-Roman wrestling Lev Yezhevsky.

Yelbasy’s mentor, who taught him wrestling in Dneprodzerzhinsk (now Kamenskoye) in his youth, presented the First President of Kazakhstan with an honorary cup and a book at the XXVII Session of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

Lev Yezhevsky told the story of how Nursultan Abishevich came to wrestling.

"In 1958, entrants came to us in Dneprodzerzhinsk to study for metallurgists. They studied, but did not forget about sports. I train somehow, and then one student comes and says he wants to enrolled for wrestling. I asked his name. He answered: "Nursultan," said the coach.

He noted that Yelbasy was persistent, brave, and after a while he began to participate in the competitions, to take prizes.

"There is a saying that when a Kazakh boy is born, he is already a fighter. They ask me if he hadn't left, who he would have been. I say that he would be the world champion" summed up the coach and handed his student a cup and a book.


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