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What is served for dastarkhan in Kazakhstan for the New Year?

New Year's menu on the festive table

In Kazakhstan, many people consider New Year as a family holiday, when relatives and friends gather at a large table, congratulate each other, and give gifts. The Kazakhstani festive table is usually full of many dishes: salads, hot, desserts, and fruits. Today we have found out which dishes take pride of place on the table of Kazakhstani hostesses and how to choose the right holiday menu.


Champagne is one of the main attributes of the New Year, our most important and favorite holiday. And the matter, it would seem, is small - to choose and buy this most important attribute. Moreover, the shelves and shop windows do not contain the whole variety of festive wine, and a few weeks before the New Year, towers of boxes and crates grow on the floor of the salesrooms... in which sometimes they do not contain a single bottle of what could New Year's Eve.

Snacks and salads

The year 2021 will pass under the sign of the White Metal Bull, which means that there should certainly be vegetables and herbs on the table. The bull is conservative, so he likes simple treats, traditional snacks, and salads.

Snacks and salads are perhaps the most important part of the festive table. “Olivier” and “Herring under a fur coat”, of course, are unconditional hits, the most New Year's snacks – well, what a New Year without them! But it seems strange to us to limit ourselves to such “Classics of the genre”.


Is New Year considered without Olivier? Please dismiss. This is not New Year at all. The glory of Olivier salad is so great that it has already become a kind of brand, a trademark. And do not believe those who, at the mention of the immortal masterpiece of the famous French chef, frown contemptuously. These grimaces mean only one thing: either the person has never tasted real Olivier, or he shamelessly bends his soul. Because you can not love this salad.

The author of the immortal New Year's masterpiece is Lucien Olivier, the chef, and manager of the Moscow restaurant "Hermitage". Time of creation - the second half of the 19th century. It is unknown to whom and how he gave Olivier his recipe. The true recipe for the famous salad is still debated today. According to one of the versions, it included hazel grouse fillet, boiled potatoes, gherkins, boiled egg, mysterious soy-Kabul, lemon juice, and mayonnaise. However, they made an Olivier salad with any other poultry meat and even with fish, for example, with sturgeon.

In the 20th century, already in the USSR, Olivier was renamed Stolichny salad. And the set of products was simplified: poultry and fish were increasingly replaced with doctor's sausage, boiled carrots were added to boiled potatoes, canned green peas became an indispensable ingredient, ordinary pickles were used instead of gherkins, homemade mayonnaise generally moved into the realm of mythology. However, it was still delicious.

Herring under a fur coat

A salad “Herring under a fur coat” had appeared in the era of total scarcity, when groceries were given and “Thrown away” in stores, grocery "orders" were received on coupons at work, and ordinary cervelat was considered a luxury and a festive dish in the festive menu. However, even in such conditions, Soviet housewives managed to cover luxurious festive meadows and built amazingly tasty things from ordinary beets, carrots, potatoes. In particular, herring under a fur coat.

The recipe for herring under a fur coat is incredibly simple. A thin layer of herring fillet is cut into small pieces is placed on a dish or flat plate, and a "fur coat" is arranged on top - layers of boiled vegetables (beets, carrots, potatoes, onions), eggs, an apple (unlike other ingredients, an apple should be raw) and even cheese.

Mini rolls

A great idea for snacks on a festive table is mini rolls: they are both easy to make and convenient to eat. Moreover, such rolls can be “Twisted” from almost everything: their cheese and lavash, from salmon and zucchini (thin, flexible slices are obtained from zucchini if ​​you cut them along with a regular vegetable peeler), from cheese and fish, from slices of baked pumpkin and ham.

An equally great idea for a festive menu is to stuff something. Stuffing lends itself to everything from which you can take out the native contents and replace it with some ingenious filling: onions, eggs, tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplants. As a filling can be almost anything, turned into minced meat or mashed potatoes: mushrooms, egg yolk with cheese, cheese with garlic or herbs, shrimps, olives...

Hot meals

Hot meals for New Year 2021 are the culmination of the New Year's feast. After a few toasts, the soul asks for something hot for the New Year. The original serving of a hot dish on the New Year's table turns a festive feast into a fabulous feast!

As a rule, many people cook beshbarmak from horse meat or beef for hot meals. Some people prefer to make manti for the dastarkhan. In some families, there is a tradition to bake a duck or goose.

The tradition to bake a goose

The goose can be a hit on your festive New Year's table. And, although it will take more than one hour to cook, it is worth it! The Delicate juicy meat will delight you and your guests. How to marinate and cook a goose, they will tell you the recipes for goose dishes for the New Year 2021. Usually, the goose is pickled the day before, sometimes soaked. There are also some tricks on how to cook a goose for New Year 2021. The goose is known to love sweets; additives - cloves, oranges, honey, cinnamon. A slice of excellent meat is obtained if you rub it with the so-called five spices. It takes several hours to bake the goose in the oven, depending on the size.


Many children love the New Year not only for the generous gifts from Santa Claus but also for the delicious New Year's desserts, which usually decorate the festive table. New Year's desserts 2021 should please everyone! Not only children but also adults will not resist the temptation to try a dessert carefully prepared by you. When composing a festive menu, do not forget about desserts for the New Year 2021.


Mandarins are another symbol of the New Year. Today, the store shelves are full of a huge selection of fruits, but without mandarins, New Year is no longer a holiday. They fill baskets with tangerines, beautiful dishes, decorate the Christmas tree, put them in elegant bags with gifts, and prepare salads from tangerines. Mandarin peels are used to make New Year's garlands and various compositions for the New Year's table.

Mandarin is truly considered a fruit of joy, as well as a source of vitamins and mineral salts. A huge selection of varieties today allows you to choose any kind of this sunny fruit and decorate not only the New Year's table with it.