Repatriates Assembly


11.04.2019 796

The decision on the early presidential election has put the things right in the political process in the country.

Over the past few years, the transit of power in Kazakhstan has been an issue of concern to Kazakhstan's politics and the expert community, and has been discussed by the widest possible sectors of the population. It is no secret that there were various assumptions, hypotheses, fears and theories. After the early resignation of Yelbassy's powers, expectations arose in society regarding further developments in the country.

President K. Tokayev's decision to hold an early presidential election undoubtedly answered many questions and expectations in society. The most important thing is to remove all uncertainties. Now all the milestones have been clearly set in the entire domestic political process, and time frames have been set. This is very important for the population, civil servants, entrepreneurs and foreign investors. Most importantly, the stability of the entire political system and power institutions - the main centers of decision-making and responsibility for their implementation has been ensured.

Ensuring the continuity of Yelbassy's strategic course, all the adopted programs of social and economic development is guaranteed, it gives rise to a sense of understanding of what is happening and confidence in the future.

In addition, the presidential election will allow for a new public consensus on the key issues of the country's development, on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will allow to demonstrate to society the full range of possible alternative solutions, the best of which will undoubtedly be taken into account by the newly elected president.

Vitaly Tvarionas,

Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan,

Chairman of Lituanica Public Association