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Unique Cultural Heritage of Tajik People

30.06.2020 1129
About Tajik Association in Kazakhstan

Tajikistan is a country with ancient culture and traditions. The culture of Tajiks is unique in its own way and requires the augmentation and preservation of national values. The Tajiks have made a significant contribution to the spiritual treasury of civilization and given the world outstanding and remarkable scientists, philosophers, writers and poets whose works have become an integral part of the scientific and cultural heritage accumulated by world civilization.

First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in the program article Course Towards the Future: Modernization of Public Conscience emphasized the special role of peace and harmony in our country as a fundamental basis for further comprehensive development of the state.

Tajik community ‘Somonien Sever’ Public Association of North-Kazakhstan region was founded in 1997, the head of the association is Anvarshoh Amirshoyev. The main aim of the association is the consolidation of Tajik ethnos. Since its foundation, "Somonien Sever" not only participates in the public life of society, but also conducts legal literacy lessons for local Tajiks: it organizes meetings with the heads of the migration police, migration and demography departments to address issues of citizenship and residence permits. The region is home to about 800 Tajiks who migrated to Kazakhstan in 1993 during the civil war in their historic homeland, North Kazakhstan region officials said. In total, more than 40,000 Tajiks in Kazakhstan have found a second home.

Charity events are a significant part of the association's work. Having taken on the patronage of a boarding school for disabled children, the community holds a celebration of Tajik culture for its pupils. At the beginning of the school year or on the day of its completion, creative groups from the ethnos show the children a concert programme, and after Somonien Sever lays a rich table with national cuisine for the children. Members of the disabled women's society also feel significant support from the association, and each of them is provided with finance assistance. Last year the chairman of ethno-cultural association Anvarshokh Amirshoyev was handed over a breastplate ‘Jomart Jan’ by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan for the contribution to development of patronage and charitable activity.

Musical art plays a huge role in the culture of the Tajik ethnos. Uniqueness and originality of songs and dances, art compositions, rites and customs amaze absolutely everyone. Representatives of the Tajik center, as well as Armenian, Ukrainian and Tatar centers of the regional assembly showed us the talent and skill of instrumental art. The association "Somonien Sever" by the standards of the other centers of the regional Assembly of North Kazakhstan region can be considered young, so in the creation of branches in the regions and its own branch in the school of national revival here is still spoken in the future. However, the work already done makes believe that all the planned members of the organization will certainly implement.

More than 130 ethnic groups live here in peace, harmony and consent. Books are published in Kazakh, Russian, Tatar, Tajik, Ukrainian and other languages, TV programs are shot. It speaks about interpenetration of cultures. All of us, people of all nationalities, today are united by our common house - our Kazakhstan.

"Many thanks to the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev for sheltering us in our difficult years. Kazakhstan has become our second homeland, and we have the opportunity to preserve our native language, to remember our cultural heritage. We apply all our knowledge and skills for the development of independent Kazakhstan and call on representatives of all ethnic minorities to follow this," Anvarshokh Amirshoyev said.