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13.03.2019 641

Turkestan region’s Slavs celebrated Maslenitsa in Aksukent, Sairam district on March 9. On March 10, Shymkent celebrated it.  The venue of the meeting was the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

"Within the framework of traditional Slavic holiday of farewell of winter sports competitions, contests and pie festival were held. The result – 15 festival pies, as well as two strong men who raised 50 times a 50 kg bag of flour, and  a lady who squeezed the weight 61 times and one burned scarecrow. Residents of Ordabasinsky and Tulkubassky districts also took part in the winter farewell party.

Agrocollege’s bakery was recognized as a pie of the day by the jury. They baked a light, delicate, original cottage cheese pie with raisins.

“It was distinguished by its original design and fantasy," chairman of the regional Slavic center Marina Limarenko said.

Maslenitsa is the most cheerful, noisy and popular holiday. Every day of this week has its own name, which says what to do on this day.

Of course, today it is very difficult to observe all the customs and rituals of the holiday, because modern Maslenitsa Week is a normal working week.

As a rule, Maslenitsa Week is not only about pancakes at home, at a guest house or in a tavern, but also right on the street. First of all, the duty of each person was to help drive away the winter and wake up the nature from sleep. This is what Maslenitsa traditions are all about.

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