Repatriates Assembly


08.04.2019 704

This event was celebrated by representatives of Roma diaspora in Kazakhstan, as in other countries, with festivals of Roma music and dance.

International Roma Day was established on 8 April 1971 at the First World Roma Congress in London. It was attended by representatives from 30 countries.

At the same time, the International Romani Union was created and national symbols were adopted: a flag and a hymn. This allowed the Roma of the world to recognize themselves as a single free nation. At present, the Union unites Romani public organizations from 42 countries of the world.

The only Roma ethnocultural association in Kazakhstan, which is a part of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, operates in Aktobe region.

Every year since its establishment, they have held the "Spring Dew" festival of Gypsy music on the occasion of International Roma Day.