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Tatar Maples Planted in APK of Pavlodar Region

07.10.2019 520

APK’s youth together with the chairmen of ethno-cultural associations planted trees in the park of the Assembly of Pavlodar region for the first time.

The action on planting of trees was held in the park of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Pavlodar. Chairmen of ethno-cultural associations together with youth of regional APK took the most active part in it. They planted 20 trees of Tatar maple.

"Today, we are planting wood with our youth and the chairmen of ethno-cultural associations for the first time in our Assembly Park. It is an indicator of the continuity of generations, because the tree is a symbol of life. I think it's a great start to great things," said Ramil Smailov, chairman of the youth wing of the regional APK.

Participant of the action Alina Zhabko (Polish cultural center’s activist) also shared her impressions: "This action allows us to make our contribution to the greening of our APK Park. It unites us and makes our ethnoses more united and active".

Activists of the Student Assembly of People of Kazakhstan also took part in the action.

"We have gathered today to green our city, to give it new trees and opportunities. Such events always unite us. I would be happy if these events were held monthly," said Samir Zhumashev, chairman of the student APK at Pavlodar College of Service and Nutrition.