Repatriates Assembly


14.05.2019 2734

An agreement on cooperation between the republican Tatar-Bashkir public associations of Belarus and Kazakhstan has been signed in Minsk.

The agreement was signed by the heads of the national organizations Elvira Levshevich and Taufik Karimov.

The first step in this cooperation was joint participation in the events dedicated to Victory Day and the upcoming 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazi invaders - together with representatives of local authorities they took part in rallies and processions with laying wreaths and flowers at the mass graves and graves of more than twenty thousand Soviet soldiers.

Wreaths were laid at the monuments of the heroic victims of the liberation of Belarus to the outstanding son of the Tatar people, composer Farit Yarullin, whose name in the city of Dubrovno was given to the music school, and Kazakh Captain Adgam Karimov in the village of Volkovichi, where one of the streets was named after a native of Atyrau.

"Our joint plans include the participation of our fellow countrymen from Belarus in an international competition dedicated to the work of the Hero Poet Musa Dzhalil, the development of contacts between the Tatar School of Arts from Semey and the Yarullin Music School, and participation in the Dnieprovskie Zori Festival in Dubrovno.

In Minsk, we have got acquainted with work of the Republican center of national cultures, now it will be very interesting to get acquainted with work of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, with unique Kazakhstan experience of the interethnic and interconfessional consent" thus the heads of two republican associations have commented on the beginning of cooperation.

In the past events in Shchomyslitsa and Volkovichi took part the acting trade and economic representation of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Republic of Belarus A.Taipov.