Repatriates Assembly


04.02.2019 565

Cultural wealth of Kazakh people is interpreted by different customs and traditions. “Sybaga” is one of the traditions demonstrating people’s hospitality. This is the name given to the action of the second month in the calendar of events of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan "Caravan of Mercy" for 2019.

APK’s project developed on the basis of traditions of the people of Kazakhstan, taking into account the state holidays of the country, is aimed at popularization of charitable activity among Kazakhstan citizens.

In February the action will be held under the name of traditions of the Kazakh people "Sybaga" which means a peculiar share intended for relatives, matchmakers, respected representatives and aksakals.

Sybaga is saved before the arrival of honorary guests, or passed through the trotter to respected people with a special greeting. Adults who have received "sybaga" give their blessing ("bata"). In this way, they express their gratitude and best wishes to the owners of shanyrak who honors good customs.

This month's action is aimed at providing support and assistance to the elderly, orphans and the sick.

The events will be held in all regions of the country with the participation of representatives of regional assemblies and local headquarters of the republican youth movement of APK "Zhangyru Zholy".

The start of the charity events of "Caravan of Mercy" was given in January and was called "Sarkyt" - treats from the festive table.