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24.10.2018 515

City Assembly of people of Kazakhstan has signed memorandums of cooperation with state institutions for the development of public mediation, the official website of capital akim's office reports.

"Today we have signed a memorandum with several city departments. These are mainly agencies that have direct contact with the population. Mediation procedures are an integral part of modern society. At the regional level, we have signed a memorandum between the court of Astana and city Assembly", — said Head of Secretariat of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan of Astana Lyazzat Kussainova.

According to the akim's office, currently 8 non-professional mediators from representatives of ethno-cultural associations are registered at the city Assembly.

"Today we talked a lot about the fact that the leaders of ethno-cultural associations should be mediators by definition. Speaking of public mediation, we mean the preservation of public consent. It will contribute to the preservation and development of consent in the capital. A contingent of the population that you work with a municipal government, involves the creation of offices of mediation due to the nature of their activities. At the moment, our mediators are connected to the school mediation",— she added.

In his speech, professional mediator Assel Sailaubay noted that today the school mediation is actively developing in the capital.

"Since November last year, we launched a social project in secondary school No. 26. We opened a mediation room there. We have a mediation club among children, parents and teachers. Conflict in schools is very high. Therefore, we are trying to reduce the load from the school administration",— she said.

The participants of the meeting noted that the conclusion of the memorandum is aimed at reducing conflict in the society by resolving disputes and conflicts out of court.

The law on mediation was adopted on August 5, 2011. It has been implemented since 2015, when a memorandum was signed with the Supreme court and the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan on cooperation in the development of mediation.