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Satpayev House of Friendship, a Center That Unites the Citizens Caring About the City

23.12.2019 542
Dozens of projects were realized in the "Center of spiritual, social and interethnic harmony of Satpayev" for a relatively short period of time, and thanks to the efforts of its director Gulnaz Gatiyatova.

It is enough to remember the Neighborhood Day, when residents of neighboring houses were invited to the plentiful dastarhan with contests and concerts, or the opening of the Kindness Center at the Center for Social Support of the Family, where everyone can bring food and things, and those in need - to get them free of charge or volunteering youth wing of APK, which took patronage of a number of lonely elderly citizens.

All these projects and actions are implemented by the citizens who are not indifferent to them exclusively at the call of their hearts. They unite in an effort to support, to help by the will of the soul. The staff of the Friendship House together with their leader believe that the kindness of the heart and warmth of the soul will take up and the city will be transformed for the better.

That is why today the House of Friendship is a real multi-profile centre uniting ethno-cultural centres, public associations and people who are not indifferent to the fate of the city. Here are held events that are interesting to the youngest citizens and the oldest: choreography, learning languages, traditions and rites of peoples, computer literacy, therapeutic gymnastics, as well as various activities dedicated to the celebration of a significant holiday, including world ones.

The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is no longer limited to the study of language, traditions and rituals. It shows interest in all significant spheres of life of the country as a whole, and the person in particular. For example, at the end of last year the Center of social support of family "Kamkor" was opened, and this year support was given to mothers with many children who were helped to organize themselves in the initiative group. Initially, it provides counselling - psychological and legal, mainly on family relations - and helps with food and things at the kindness centre. There is also a freelance school, where everyone learns how to write "selling" texts free of charge.

Memorandums have been concluded between Kamkor and a number of sewing companies in the city to train women in difficult situations. The local mayor’s office also supports the house of friendship in all its undertakings. This year the Center "SAL" was opened - "Satpayev's Active Longevity" for elderly people, summer camp for children from 9 to 15 years old, military-patriotic club "Aibyn", which gives young people the opportunity to communicate closely with soldiers, police officers, astronauts, holders of special ranks, holders of military orders and many others in order to preserve the heroic past and present. A project to support the institute of the family has also been launched, the youth wing of the APK is working, and the Uzbek Ethnocultural Centre has been operating since March this year.

In addition, the Center hosts the Council of Mothers, which deals with the pressing problems of both mothers, including mothers with many children, and their children. The Council of Public Consent of the ANC solves problems within the scope of its competence, the Club of Philanthropists provides charitable assistance to the needy and children with special needs. All holidays are celebrated in the House of Friendship, both national holidays - Nauryz, Sabantui, Apple Salvation, Sombele, as well as national and international: International Day of Tolerance, World Coffee Day or World Snowdrop Day.