Repatriates Assembly


14.11.2018 580

The world list of objects of special tourist attraction was replenished with two objects from Kazakhstan, located on the territory of Zhambyl region.

A regular session of the International Committee on tourism attractiveness and sustainable development of tourism was held in the Turkish city of Antalya, where new facilities that can add to the world list of world attractions were considered.

Experts from eighty countries, members of the Committee, listened to the presentation of the objects from the representatives of Zhambyl region, who spoke about the mausoleum "Aisha-Bibi" and Palace complex "Akyr-Tas".

According to experts, these objects are included in the world list of unique attractive objects of tourism of world importance. A special certificate was awarded, which officially confirms this category. Now, in order to promote these objects are allowed to use the sign "WORLD LIST-TOURIST ATTRACTION" (logo).

Note that the pearl of medieval architecture, mausoleum-tomb of Aisha-Bibi, dating back to the XI-XII centuries, located in 18 kilometers from Taraz. It is the only architectural monument in Central Asia faced with carved terracotta.

Statesmen, tourists, photographers, healers come there. Many pilgrims come with requests for blessings in family life and the gift of posterity.

The legend connected with the mausoleum about sad love of Khan Karakhan to the beauty Aisha in different variations is known to every Zhambyl citizen. Over the tomb of Aisha-Bibi and Karahan Khan the beautiful monument is built. The decor of the building is distinguished by the splendor of terracotta tiles of various shapes and non-repeating ornament of floral and geometric motifs, which hide a deep philosophy.

Mysterious Akyr-Tas draws its energy scientists, "Sensei" and tourists. Stone ruins in 40 km from Taraz cause interest of scientists by mystery of origin and purpose.

For the first time Akyr-tas was mentioned in the nineteenth century. However, until now, no researcher has said exactly-who, when and why built a grand structure in a deserted steppe.

Today Akyr-Tas is one of the most visited tourist sites. In 2012, the building of the scientific center with a conference hall, working rooms and a hotel for archaeologists was built here, the territory was landscaped.\

In total, the world list of objects of special tourist attraction includes 19 objects of Kazakhstan, including the symbol of Astana-Baiterek, the world's largest alpine complex for winter sports – skating rink "Medeu", the central mosque "Nur Astana".