Repatriates Assembly


23.01.2019 701

House of Friendship of Petropavlovsk hosted a concert of the folk choir of Russian and Cossack songs "Zvonnitsa". The repertoire of the ensemble includes more than 100 songs in different languages.

For 27 years, the folk choir of the Russian and Cossack song "Zvonnitsa" has been pleasing the people of North Kazakhstan with its creative work. This group is known and admired not only in North-Kazakhstan region, but also far beyond its borders.

A huge contribution to the development of the creative ensemble was made by the artistic director Viktor Podolyan and concertmaster Sergey Snurnitsin.

"I have been working with this group for many years. Each soloist has his own character and preferences, but one thing connects us together – it is love for music and our homeland - Kazakhstan", says S. Snurnitsin.

Songs from the stage of the House of Friendship were about love and homeland, about family and friendship. In addition to the folk choir "Zvonnitsa", the concert programme was attended by Gennady Weber, who performed "Tsyganochka" in the format of a steppe, Nadezhda Rudikova declared a poem about the heroic exploits of Soviet soldiers, Vladimir Timoshin told a poem about his own composition about the family, and at the end of the concert programme the song "Khleb vsemu golova" was performed by the folk choir of Russian and Cossack song "Zvonnitsa", soloists Anton Gutorov and Vladislav Firsov.

The solemn moment of the evening was the awarding of the Khismatullin family with the medal "For Love and Faithfulness" from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.