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Rural Occupations Are Gaining Popularity Among Young People

07.10.2019 548

Activists of Kostanay regional youth movement "Zhangyru Zholy" visited a dairy farm as part of the project "Aýyl - el besigi".

The dairy farm is intended for 1200 heads of forage cattle, the total number of cattle - 2000. The dairy farm is run smoothly by a team of fifty people. The tenth-graders heard a lot of unusual facts about the usual cows from Alexey Stoyanov, Deputy Director of Breeding Livestock. The Holstein-Friesian cow breed is almost ideal for dairy farming.

Everything is important here: living conditions, good genetics of the herd, balanced diet. Every 30 kilograms of feed, the animal produces 15 litres of milk. Unexpected changes in the menu can cause stress in Holstein-freezes, which can lead to a loss of milk yield. That's why the farm has its own feedstuff - about 18,000 hectares of land, where the most crops for silage and haymaking are cultivated.

The live weight of an adult three-year-old animal is 750-800 kg, so that every worker should remember about safety: cows can easily hurt their hoofs. That is the reason why they did not allow students to stroke and feed them outdoors.

Ruslan Murzagaliyev, Head of Department, Qoģamdyq Kelisim MPI, Kostanay regional mayor’s office:

- Our goal is to implement ‘Aýyl - El Besigi’ project. It is aimed at promoting rural professions and attracting young people to the village. They can become businessmen, do business, and bring income to themselves and the country!

Tatyana Lukashina, teacher of self-knowledge, secondary school No. 5:

—It is very informative trip, because in the ninth - eleventh grade before future graduates there is an eternal choice: where to go to study further? Here someone could already make a decision. Besides, according to the curriculum we have the theme "My choice", we discuss career guidance, the choice of life path.

—I have great hopes that after our excursion many people will think - or maybe it is worth to connect their lives with the rural profession? Where does milk and meat come from? In the age of digital technology, these children's attention turns around gadgets, but it is worth focusing on more serious things, primarily on their destiny. If at least some people think about it after this meeting, I will consider my mission fulfilled”, —the speaker admits.

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