Repatriates Assembly


17.01.2019 695

In the conference hall of Aktobe regional Assembly of people of Kazakhstan took place the first meeting of the branch of the International community"Qazaq tili" this year.

Within the framework of the meeting of community, the heads of district branches, journalists, scientific intellectuals and specialists of "Kogamdyk kelisim" KSI discussed the issues of further sustainable formation of interest to the state language and introduction of modern methods of language learning.

Also, the forum summed up the results of the community's activities in 2018, considered and studied the prospects of the country's switching to Latin, considered proposals for the upcoming celebrations dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the formation of the International community "Qazaq tili". Also the work plan for 2019 is approved, which focuses on increasing free courses in the state language in institutions and at work.

Within the framework of this meeting there was also a celebration of the 80th anniversary of Idosh Askar, an honorary journalist of Kazakhstan. According to the Kazakh custom, a national shaman was given to the aksakal.

In turn, as Deputy Chairman of "Qazaq tili" Zhangabyl Kabakbaev noted in his speech, "patriotism begins with the knowledge of the native language and history. We should also pay close attention to the spiritual and moral upbringing of the younger generation”.

Following the results of the meeting, a resolution was adopted aimed at further activization of the branch, transition to innovative methods of work, participation in the projects of APK’s "Qazaqtanu", "Men qazaksha soyleimin".

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