Repatriates Assembly


13.02.2019 667

The 220th anniversary of Alexander Pushkin's birthday is celebrated this year. There was a creative evening under the name "I am in memory of the people forever", organized by municipal Slavic ethnocultural association in Shymkent in the building of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

Administration of municipal Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, representatives of public organizations, department of education, heads of ethno-cultural associations, student youth and school students, and also professional actors of theaters of Shymkent have taken part in the event.

 They performed expressive reading of Pushkin poetry in Russian, Kazakh and other languages, performed songs and romances written on the works of the poet.

Speaking before admirers of Pushkin’s creativity, the deputy chairman of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in Shymkent Muratali Kalmuratov has noted a role of poetry in formation of humanism in a society, has offered to create literary club at ethno-cultural associations of the city that will help to lift spiritual morality among representatives of youth.

According to the chairman of municipal Slavic ethnocultural association, Natalia Romanova "in all countries the evenings devoted to A.S.Pushkin’s creativity are held. The purpose of this event is to popularize the works of Alexander Pushkin, the education of morality, the formation of their aesthetic taste among young people.

Earlier, in honor of the poet's anniversary, a competition was organized among young people in 3 categories: performance of romances based on works by A. Pushkin, songs by Tatyana, and expressive reading of the novel "Eugene Onegin".  As a result of the competition, the winners were awarded valuable gifts.

The solemn event continued with a festive ball prepared by the students of Shymkent school.