Repatriates Assembly


22.02.2019 635

Ensembles of the capital's Sunday school of Cossack Union of Stepnoe region took part in the international dance competition "Step up", which was held in Astana on February 17. The judging panel was represented by the countries of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. About 30 performances were presented to the audience.

As noted by choreographer Dinara Aitzhanova, according to the results of the competition senior ensemble "Zlatnitsa" took 1st place in the nomination of dances of people of the world, and junior ensemble "Lapotochki" took 2nd place in the nomination of dances of people of the world.

It should be reminded, Sunday school of Cossack Union of Stepnoe district region exists already more than 20 years.  There are groups of choreography, singing, needlework, history of Cossacks at school, which are visited by about 40 children of different age and representatives of different nationalities.  One of the activities of the school is the study of folklore. These are lullaby songs, funny things, counters, games, riddles, proverbs and sayings. The school often organizes together with parents and older children, children's folklore music and game compositions, mass festivals connected with traditions, customs and rituals of folk culture, thus ensuring the continuity of generations.

There are 3 ensembles created on the basis of the school. Junior Song and Dance Ensemble "Lapotochki", where children aged from 5 to 10 years are engaged. Senior Song and Dance Ensemble is called "Zlatnitsa", the age of children of the senior ensemble is from 11 to 18 years. And the most fervent and cheerful repertoire ensemble is the ensemble of spoon players "Lyubo". All three ensembles are participants and winners of various festivals and competitions.