Repatriates Assembly


23.01.2019 656

Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev called on young people to respect the rights of all people and faiths, for which the whole world values Kazakhstan.

"I said that because of the fact that we have many ethnicities living together in Kazakhstan, respect each other, tolerant, the whole world respects us. That is why the only place to hold the Congress of Traditional World Religions is Kazakhstan. There is no other place. Kazakhstan is a place where one can come to and reconcile, such a place is noble," President said at the opening ceremony of the Year of Youth.

The Head of State reminded that representatives of 17 confessions have installed their cult buildings in Kazakhstan. "They walk freely, but in other places they kill for it. You must be careful. We should be patriots of our country, but respect the rights of other people. And then there will be prosperity," he said. Nur Otan has a special role to play in scaling up its tasks, he said. The Assembly of people of Kazakhstan also needs to reshape its work to focus on youth policy.

"Our main formula is the unity of people and inter-ethnic consent in a multi-ethnic society. The Assembly should formulate a clear programme to promote the values of a sovereign Kazakhstan, the continuity of generations in strengthening unity. We all have one Motherland," the President noted.