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Participants of the I International Craftsmen's Exhibition in Uzbekistan were welcomed in the capital

19.09.2019 708


Yesterday the participants and nominees of the I International Craftsmen's Exhibition arrived in the capital. The parade of masters of applied arts took place in the historical city of Uzbekistan Kokand.

Opening the Craftsmen's Festival, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that folk applied art has always been of great importance for every nation. The festival was held from 11 to 15 September under the auspices of UNESCO. More than 300 artisans from 78 countries of the world took part in such a major event. Representatives of different states showed the world their works and products.

Kazakhstan presented masterpieces and unique works of masters of applied arts, such as silver ornaments, household items made of leather and wood, paintings, clothes made in the national style, unique national instruments.

On behalf of Kazakhstan, 18 masters took part in the International Festival. Among them were national costume and footwear designers Asel Omirbekova, Lyazzat Isakhanova and Anarkul Norbotanova. Domestic couturiers presented their clothing line at the show-defile "Shashu". Spectators appreciated the work of domestic stylists. Timur Spatayev demonstrated his power and strength to the world - he raised 70 kg of swords and weights with just one hand.

The Uzbek party sent an invitation to the Nur-Sultan Craftsmen's Alliance to take part in the festival. Domestic craftsmen accepted the invitation with great pleasure. One of the nominees in the Kazakh delegation is Bektas Karim. The national master craftsman presented his products in the category "Best craftsman". All his handicrafts are made of various animal bones. This folk applied art goes deep into the history of its roots. The ancient Kazakhs also made household items and toys from animal bones. For this purpose, the bone was first carefully processed, then dried and only then proceeded to direct work. Bektas Karim has been engaged in this kind of craft for a long time. He uses both large and small bones for his work. The master makes various statuettes, souvenirs, state symbols. While doing household chores, his mother often asked him to help with household chores, such as sewing up clothes, fixing blankets, and fixing furniture and dishes. According to the master himself, all this was the beginning of a great deal of his life.

Bektas Karim, a master of folk arts and crafts:

- I was born in Mongolia. I also took part in international exhibitions there. Besides, I was invited as a participant to the festivals that took place in Russia. The festival in Uzbekistan is my third exhibition. The event was attended by artisans from many countries, including Arab countries, Russia, China, USA, Japan, Singapore and so on. Of course, competition is growing among such a large number of participants, and there is less chance of winning.

The organization of the exhibition was held at a high level. It is worth noting that Uzbek craftsmen are among the best in the world. Folk craftsmanship in Uzbekistan is supported by the state and is attended by a considerable number of people. The city of Kokand is a historical and very beautiful place. Being engaged in a craft for a long time already, I can tell that in the childhood I always observed, how the Kazakh national chests and other subjects of a household were decorated with products from bones. I always admired it. My mother was also a craftswoman. She often asked me to help. I was always interested in how she worked with love.

Today, Bektas Karim, an artist and a craftsman in one person, teaches the students the secrets of folk arts and crafts in his small home shop. He dreams that in Kazakhstan this direction, supporting national identity, began to pay more attention to, that people began to take an interest in this kind of art. Now the craftsman has more than 20 students.

Bektas Karim, master of applied arts:

- I am teaching children the folk art to have followers. Therefore, it is very important to preserve this direction. Now about 10 pupils from Russian and 15 from Kazakh school come to me. The age of pupils is different - the youngest is 5 years old. I am happy to show them how to make products, I share my advice. I hope that in the future they will continue this tradition.

Bektas Karim makes different figures of different birds and animals - among the small figures you can see flying birds and jumping horses. In addition to making bone objects, draw paintings as wellk. The master's love for this art was also born in his early childhood.

The nominee in Uzbekistan was awarded a diploma of the winner and a solid money certificate. Chairman of the Nur-Sultan Craftsmen's Alliance Rauza Zhaukenkyzy, relatives and friends came to meet the nominees of the I International Craftsmen's Exhibition. Compatriots were greeted in a festive atmosphere with a shashu, folk music was played and many warm words were said.