Repatriates Assembly


10.12.2018 627

On December 7-9, "Otandastar" Foundation and the World Association of Kazakhs held a regional Kurultai of Kazakhs of Russia in Omsk, where topical issues of development of spiritual and cultural heritage of our people were raised and discussed. The purpose of this meeting is to preserve the national identity of the Kazakhs, as stated in program article of the President "Rouhani zhangyru".

First Deputy Chairman of the World Association of Kazakhs (WAK) Zautbek Turissbekov opened the regional Kurultai with a welcoming speech. He told foreign compatriots about the current state of the historical homeland, achievements in socio-economic and socio-political development and the results of joint activities of the WAC and "Otandastar" Foundation. According to him, this work is primarily aimed at the development of Kazakh youth.]


"Today there was a powerful discussion, as a result of which we initiated the idea. Next year we want to implement a pilot project in Russia, which will be directed to work with young people," said First Deputy Chairman of World Association of Kazakhs.

Vice-President of the Foundation Talgat Aduov said that in 2019 it is planned to create a 24-hour online contact center for advising compatriots in a pilot version. According to him, it will be both physical – on the principle of public reception, and on the Internet. It will also be possible to get advice by toll phone on all matters of interest, both within the country and abroad.

"Our compatriots are experiencing serious difficulties in adapting to the historical homeland, respectively, expect from the state a special social approach. Another project is planned to be worked out within the framework of "Bolashak" program – scholarship "Otandastar" for our talented youth to study in leading foreign universities," Talgat Aduov said.

Regional Kurultai of Kazakhs gathered representatives of the ethnic diaspora from 25 regions of Russia. All Kazakhs who came to Kurultai were concerned about the issues of preserving their native language and culture, increasing their educational potential.

President of the Federal national cultural autonomy of the Kazakhs of Russia Toktarbay Duyssenbayev noted that the subject of Kazakh language in Russia is introduced, but not in all schools and regions. "We are working on this. In the near future, our dream is to introduce the subject of Kazakh language in schools."

Representatives of "Otandastar" Fund and WAC has talked about developing special projects on the question of language preservation. One of them is aimed at teaching children of foreign compatriots, thanks to which they will be able to learn the language during the holidays in Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.

It was said about available free mobile applications, online courses and Internet resources, including for children, to learn Kazakh language to compatriots. This was informed by Director of the State Language Development Fund Azat Shaueyev.

In his report, Deputy head of Research Center "Sacred Kazakhstan" Batyrkhan Zhumabayev emphasized the importance of preserving spiritual values, research and promotion of sacred historical sites, development of cultural and tourist clusters of Kazakhstan.

During the Kurultai held a screening of the movie "Otan ushin otka tuskender" about the exploits of countrymen during the Second World War. The event ended with a gala concert with the participation of Kazakhstani artists.

Small Kurultai of Kazakhs abroad are held annually under the auspices of Ministry of Social Development of Kazakhstan and are aimed at the restoration and promotion of original culture, customs and traditions. The next regional Kurultai is planned to be held in Uzbekistan.