Repatriates Assembly


21.11.2018 931

Published on the website of the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev's article "Seven facets of the Great steppe" is, as noted by the Head of State, continuation of the programme "Ruhani zhangyru", imbuing the work of implementing it with new meaning and content.

 This is essentially a reflection on the contribution of Kazakh national culture to the world civilization, which every citizen of Kazakhstan should be proud of. This is the aspiration to the future through the knowledge of its history, culture, language, traditions and those symbols that characterize our statehood, independence, special mentality of the people.

The title of the article, its seven main messages to the history and seven fundamental prospects of development of these facets of the Great steppe, symbolize the sacred figure of the seven Turkic people, emphasizing the value dimension of modern Kazakh society, the creativity of our history.

Therefore, the President in the preamble to his article notes the importance and regularity of milestones in the history of Kazakhstan, which is "common to many ethnicities living in our territory for a long time. This is our common history, to which many prominent figures of different ethnic backgrounds have contributed."

The main contexts, as emphasized in the second section of the article, require serious reflection. This concerns "the fundamental foundations of our worldview, past, present and future of the people."

The origins of mental modernization of society, its spiritual dimensions are known in history from ancient times to the present day. In this way the understanding of its stroke, the processes of modernization of the national consciousness, notwithstanding that in "Ruhani zhangyru" and released a new article of Head of State show that being open for the best of the world heritage, experience and knowledge, people developed their unique way, not squandered its spiritual wealth.

In this context, the understanding, study and promotion of the national history of Kazakhstan, which has a huge unifying and mobilizing force, the task for contemporaries and young people in its preservation. It is no coincidence that, as the researchers note, national history genetically grows out of collective memory.

"Our creative history should be the pride of every citizen of the country. Historical knowledge, which throws back to antiquity and flourished along with our Independence, we need to involve all generations" - there are certain words of his contemporaries.

The key role of the scientific and expert community, professors and teachers is to "understand the fundamental foundations of our worldview, past, present and future of the people", to convey to society the importance of the historical path of formation of statehood, national identity, national spirit of the great steppe, which should become a sustainable imperative for Kazakhstan.


Natalia Kalashnikova

member of the National Committee 

under President  of RK