Repatriates Assembly


27.05.2019 1324

  A working group of Kostanay Regional Mothers' Council met in Kostanay.

During the meeting, Bibigul Akkuzhina, Head of Secretariat of the Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, noted that many children are left to themselves during the summer holidays and it is important to provide them with not only safety, but also to fill the time of rest with content.

“Unfortunately, teenage suicides still occur," B. Akkuzhina said. “It's so-called "biological loneliness" when there are parents, friends and school psychologists around a child, but he can't turn to anyone with his problem. We must ask ourselves: What is in the soul of children? Our task is to listen and help everyone in every way possible. And the creation of Mothers Council’s project "Lighting the Hearts" will be the starting point of work in this direction.

Bibigul Berkutovna also noted that it is necessary to develop feelings of compassion and empathy in young people, to teach them to feel compassion. In her opinion, volunteers fr om Russia are doing a very good job in this direction. They have more than 1,000 registered volunteer organizations, which involve about a million participants. - One of the largest projects of Russian volunteers is Medical Volunteers. It was presented at the Kazakh-Russian Youth Forum, which was held last week in Kostanay.

The main mission of the project is to provide broad medical assistance, contribute to the health of the nation, provide health education, and promote healthy lifestyles and human resources donation. More than 25,000 volunteers participate in this project. We need to learn from the experience of our neighbors and start the same volunteer movement," B. Akkuzhina said.

Another Russian project, Clean Games, has also attracted the attention of the members of Mothers Council, and it is from this project that activists want to start the project "Lighting the Hearts".

“We have a wonderful park of young people, which is located near the Reinforced Concrete Products Plant (IMC). If you put things in order there, this place can become a great place for recreation of the residents of that neighborhood. We invite college students to participate in the Clean Games.

“Thus, we will unite our youth and do a useful thing for our city” said the chairman of Mothers Council Shushanik Sarkisyan.

Mothers Council also launched "Bookshelf" campaign. The main idea is to organize shelves with books in places wh ere people spend their time in long wait. In hospitals, railway stations and other public places, people will have the opportunity to spend time waiting in a pleasant company of "paper" interlocutors.

Anyone who has books to share - detectives, fiction, children's stories, stories and novels - can take part in the action. Any book will find its new home and its reader.