Repatriates Assembly


29.04.2019 716

One of the speakers of the XXVII Session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan was Alla Chechetkina, a representative of the Moldovan ethnos of the country.

She pleasantly surprised the participants and guests of the session by speaking in the state language.

She was born in Kostanay region and graduated from Kazakh school. She is currently studying at the Master's degree course of Baitursynov Kostanay State University, with major in "Journalism".

She makes a practical contribution to the development of the state language and is the author of several works on the promotion of the Kazakh language.

In her personal archive there are more than 70 diplomas related to the study and promotion of the Kazakh language.

After the speech the speaker noted that the event was held at a high level.

"I am very pleased and grateful to the organizers of the event. I think that the speakers of the XXVII session of the Assembly justified the hope.

Many people ask how I learned the Kazakh language. First of all, it is love for the language. I adore the culture and language of the Kazakh people. Since childhood I started to study Kazakh language. My friend Aiman spoke Kazakh, and I spoke Russian, we did not understand each other. So I decided to go to a Kazakh school and learn the Kazakh language in order to be friends with her," said Alla Chechetkina.

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