Repatriates Assembly

Members of the Assembly Visited Bozok Settlement and Kumay-Karagayly Ethnocomplex

08.10.2019 634

The members of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Nur-Sultan, capital ethnocultural associations, historians of higher education institutions and youth of the capital APK visited historical and local history places of Akmola region for the first time within the Year of Youth and ‘Rukhani Zhangyru’ project. The trip was made on the following route: Bozok ancient settlement and Kumay-Karagaily archeological-ethnographic complex.

The group visited the Bozok settlement first. Currently, the archaeological site remains within the city of Nur-Sultan. The excursion was conducted by Maral Khabdulina, Director of Akishev Archaeological Research Institute. The participants of the excursion were presented with a chronological table of research of the ancient settlement of Bozok, it was noted that K. Akishev was one of the first who proposed to make the ancient settlement of Bozok a museum in the open air.

"Archeologists in Bozok conducted field excavations several seasons. Until then, several books and research papers had been published. We applied to a number of competent authorities for the opening of the museum. Now we are working on the implementation of the archaeological project. It is very important for future generations to deepen the study of our history. These places will become a unique museum in the open air in several months", Maral Khabdullina said.

Excursion participants got acquainted with the history of Bozok. Then the route brought to the monument of Kumay Archaeological and Ethnographic Burial Ground, located 120 km from Nur-Sultan. The necropolis at the foot of the mountain range of Zhylandy, Ereymentau District, Akmola region was discovered in 2009. Due to the fact that this place is located in the area of the left bank of the river Kumay within a radius of 3-7 kilometers, scientists have introduced under this name into the scientific circulation.

The youth of capital APK learned full scientific and cognitive information on monuments from professor Maral Khabdulina.

The trip has come to the end with the lecture of Daniyar Tleugabylov, senior scientific employee of Akishev Scientific Research Institute of Archeology on the theme "Sacred Objects of Akmola Region" in the village of Koyandy.

It should be reminded, the following excursion is planned to Karaganda Region on October 12.