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02.07.2019 3314

Gulsifat Shahidi, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild and a member of the Russian Writers' Union visited Nur-Sultan Friendship House.

She is staying in the Kazakh capital for the first time and admits that Nur-Sultan impressed her especially. The writer visited the building of the Capital's Friendship House as part of the Creative Meeting of the Eurasian Creative Guild (ECG, London), where she was the Honorary Speaker.

She is linked by her creative friendship with the public association "Kyrgyzstan - Astana" of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of the capital. As a messenger of the guild, she came with a noble mission to promote young talents.


As part of the event, the guest toured the offices of ethno-cultural associations of the capital's APK, introduced various sites of the House of Friendship, and showed the museum of the Analar Amanaty Crafts Center.

According to Gulsifat Shahidi, she was invited to the Aitmatov Readings, which were held in May, but she managed to arrive only now.

While Chingiz Aitmatov was still alive, she was lucky enough to meet him at the 70th anniversary of writer Mirzo Tursunzade.


It should be noted that Gulsifat Shahidi is the author of four books, a well-known journalist, who stood at the origins of "Mir" TV channel, came to the writer's work at the age of 60.

She writes in Russian and Tajik. At basis of the published books and the future works of the prose writer is the long-term life experience, bright events, personal meetings.