Repatriates Assembly

Meeting with akim of the region

05.01.2018 548

At the end of the year, the akim of the West Kazakhstan region, the chairman of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in the West Kazakhstan region, Altai Kulginov, met with the akv of the APK WKR - with the heads of ECA, structural subdivisions, winners of republican projects, benefactors. In his speech, Altai Seydirovich noted: -Today, the integrated structure of the APK WKR has been created, ensuring its strengthening in strengthening the development of Kazakhstan's identity and unity. These are 14 regional and district APK councils, 239 councils of public consent, 132 councils of mothers, 153 councils of elders, a scientific expert group and a chair of the Assembly at the West Kazakhstan State University named after M.Utemisov. This includes the club of journalists, the deputy group "Intimak" of the regional maslikhat, the youth wing of the APK WKR and 412 friendship clubs in all educational institutions, the "Meyirim shuagi" volunteer movement uniting more than 3,000 people.

Today the active asset of the regional Assembly numbers more than 21 000 people. This is a huge potential. In general, the inter-ethnic situation in our region is assessed as stable. According to the results of the sociological survey, the overwhelming majority of West-Kazakhstanis positively assess the interethnic situation in the region. 97.8% of respondents noted that they consider themselves to be representatives of the unified people of Kazakhstan. This is the result of the fruitful work of all the people sitting here and all our fellow countrymen. In total this year, according to the regional assembly, 3 360 events were held, in which over 140 000 people participated, - said Altai Seydirovich.

Then the ceremony of awarding the active members of the APK WKR with medals and letters of thanks was held: for a significant contribution to the strengthening of national unity, social harmony and patriotism of Kazakhstan was awarded a public medal of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan "Kazakhstan halki Assambleyasinin kogamdik "Birlik" altin medalі" general director of LLC "Uniserv", deputy of the regional maslikhat, member of the council of public consent of APK WKR Satbaev Nurgazi. For the contribution to the development of charitable and patronage activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan, "Zhomart zhan" breastplate was awarded to the head of the "Darhan" farming enterprise, a deputy of the district maslikhat Zholdybayev Nurlybay.

It is worth noting that these people have helped poor families for many years, Nurgazi Satbayev bought his own homes at his own expense two homes for families in a difficult life situation, Zholdybayev Nurlybai built a first-aid post in his native village and the following year presented a project for the construction of a kindergarten. A number of activists of structural divisions and ethno-cultural associations were awarded with letters of thanks on behalf of the oblast akim.