Repatriates Assembly


04.01.2019 1229

The opening of the office was initiated by Zamzagul Kiyanova, a headmaster of the school-lyceum and the chairman of the Uzbek Ethno-cultural Centre in Astana, international mediator Sherzod Pulatov.

As a result of the initiative, school-lyceum No. 53 and International Centre for Mediation and Law "Kelicim" signed an agreement on joint activities.

Within the framework of the agreement, the school will be provided with educational mediation training services, teachers and school employees will specialize in mediation as well.

The lecturers and curators will be Gulmira Narbayeva, the director of “Kelicim” Centre and Sherzod Pulatov, a trainer-mediator.

"Every citizen began to understand the need for mediation in modern society. We can say that this is a requirement of time. When a dispute arises, each side wants to hold its own opinion. This happens with children, parents, and even in the team. Undoubtedly, in an illiterate environment, a negative opinion is formed towards the law. Therefore, we decided to open a mediation room in the school. Parents expressed their gratitude for this. I am sure that this will be a successful project," said the school director.

In turn, "Kelicim" centre will provide the school with a specialist.

As Sherzod Pulatov noted, mediation today is not a new area of dispute and conflict resolution in Kazakhstan. One of the highest rates of tension, in his opinion, is always the school environment.

"It is here, in the field of education, that we see a high level of activity and professionalism in teaching mediation, so we proposed the International Centre for Mediation and Law "Kelicim". We hope that the experience gained will yield positive results in the work of the mediation room and this school-lyceum, and I will contribute to the achievement of the set objectives," the mediator assured.