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25.04.2019 571

"Parasat" Charity Coordination Center was opened in the capital House of Friendship of Nur-Sultan.

At the XXIV Session of APK Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized that the Assembly took on a new functional direction. In the new Law of the RK "On Charity" the role of the main coordinator of the community of philanthropists is assigned to the Assembly.

Head of the Secretariat of APK Nur-Sultan Lyazzat Kussainova noted that in accordance with the order of Elbasy - Chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, given at the XXIV Session, on the basis of the capital's assembly the Club of patrons was formed, thanks to which good deeds are realized. Representatives of different ethnic minorities, including the youth of ethno-cultural centers, having united in one team, help those who have got in trouble, needs care and attention.

The purpose of the new Parasat center is to demonstrate and promote all types of charity, from training to the development of volunteer movement.

In 2017, the Assembly's institute established "Zhomart zhan" badge for people who are not indifferent to other people's troubles.

Since the beginning of the year alone, representatives of ethno-cultural associations, the Council of Mothers with the support of patrons and benefactors of the capital city held 63 events aimed at treating children with special needs, in support of low-income and large families, veterans, pensioners, as well as to help victims of natural disasters for more than 14 million tenge.

"This is not just an indicator of the social responsibility of business, but also evidence of the active interaction of the Assembly's institute with society," said Lyazzat Kusainova.

She recalled that the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has developed a calendar of charitable events "Caravan of Mercy" for 2019. It was prepared on the basis of traditions of the people of Kazakhstan and taking into account the state holidays of the country, which will allow every citizen of Kazakhstan to become a part of the social processes in the country and get closer to the culture of the Kazakh people.

"All of these traditions involve helping one's neighbor, supporting one's neighbor in difficult moments, expressing respect for the elders, and receiving the blessings of the aksakals. During the first quarter, 22 events were held, and 1200 people received help in the amount of 2 million 300 thousand tenge," Lyazzat Kusainova said.

The help should not always be material, people increasingly need ordinary care and attention.

"Our main principle is to give the needy not a fish, but a fishing rod, so that every person feels responsible for his life and for his family," said the speaker.


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