Repatriates Assembly


01.07.2019 3743

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan sent first humanitarian aid to Arys residents.

The aid, which was collected by the citizens in the form of food, household items, clothes and bedding at the headquarters of the Friendship House “We are together, Arys!”.

The collection of humanitarian aid was attended by the capital's APK, Hazret Sultan and Nur-Astana mosques, as well as concerned citizens.


Activism to collect aid in the capital began immediately. During three days about 40 tons of cargo and about 7 million kzt were collected.

As noted by the head of the Secretariat of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan Lyazzat Kussainova, all Kazakhstan people worry about Arys residents.

"The Assembly is always ready to give a helping hand and this case was no exception. The action to help people in difficult life situations will continue" Lyazzat Kussainova said.


She reminded that Center for Coordination of Charitable Activities of APK "Parasat" operates under the House of Friendship.

"Charity is our daily life, not just a festive facade of our work. Providing assistance, ethno-cultural associations once again confirm the adherence to the main values, ideology of our country - unity, brotherhood, mutual assistance. In unity - our strength!" Head capital APK’s Secretariat emphasized.


The main imam of the mosque "Hazret Sultan" Nauryzbai Kazha Taganuly expressed his words of support to the victims of the technogenic catastrophe in Arys, and wished all Kazakhstanis a peaceful sky over their heads, accord and unity.

Honorary chairman of Chechen-Ingush ethnocultural center "Vainakh" Salman Heroyev also expressed his support words.


"We, the residents of the capital, with deep regret and pain in our hearts perceived the tragedy that happened in Arys. We, the people of Kazakhstan, living together as a close-knit family and helping each other, considered it our duty to provide possible assistance in this situation," Honorary Chairman of Chechen-Ingush ethnocultural centre Vainakh said, and wished the residents of Arys most rapid restoration of their housing and return home.

It should be reminded that the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan was one of the first to begin an action to provide assistance to those evacuated from Arys in Turkestan region.

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