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Lyazzat Kussainova: Abay’s expressive work is imbued with humanity, tolerance and kindness

14.01.2020 561

The science seminar "Abay - poet, thinker, translator" was held in the capital's Friendship House with the participation of scientists from Nur-Sultan universities, members of the Academic Council of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and the capital's ethno-cultural centers under ‘Rukhani Zhangyru’ programme and the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev.

The first part of the seminar was held at S. Seyfullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University. The second part was held in the House of Friendship.

Welcoming the audience, Head of the Secretariat of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan Lyazzat Kussainova noted the importance of the article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev "Abay and Kazakhstan in the XXI century".

"In 2020, the keynote of the ‘Qazaqtanu’ project of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is the 175th anniversary of great Abay, a thinker and our spiritual teacher. Abay's philosophy is relevant for the present, it is directed on humanistic education of our society members.

"Do not praise until you understand the science", taught great Abay. "One must first become human," called our spiritual teacher. In his philosophy, Abay adhered to his own principle: "Love all mankind, considering it to be native. In the period of spiritual modernization of the society, the doctrine of the great thinker acquires a special meaning: words, edification, poetry, translations - all the works of the great poet are imbued with love of mankind, tolerance, kindness," Lyazzat Kusainova said.

Kaiyrbolat Nurbay, Professor of History of Kazakhstan Department at S.Seyfullin Kazakh Agricultural University, particularly noted the research works of Abay.

"We know Abay as a poet and educator. But his research works also require extensive study. In 1878, Semipalatinsk Regional Statistics Committee was formed, the member of which was Abay and made a significant contribution to the development of local history, study of history and ethnography of the Kazakh people. It is gratifying that in his article, the President pointed out the need for further research on Abay’s works, the expansion of the propaganda of his ideas both in Kazakhstan and abroad. Abay has left a great cultural heritage, which is of interest to philologists, historians and philosophers. This is especially relevant in the framework of the "Rukhani Zhangyru" programme," said K. Nurbay.

The event also included such topics as "Abay's Translation Activities", the concept of "human" in Abay's works and others. The reports were made by the chairman of the science and expert group of APK in Nur-Sultan Khalil Maslov, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor of S. Seyfullin Kazakh Agricultural University Marzhan Akosheva, Vice President of the Educational Corporation "Turan" Orak Aliyev.

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