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27.11.2018 578

Theatrical performance on "National traditions and customs" took place in the sports complex of Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University.

Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan – head of the Secretariat Leonid Prokopenko made a speech at the ceremony.

He noted that "Kazaktanu" project is the work to preserve our values, to know, remember and be proud.

"Because we, the Kazakhs, according to the ancient tradition, remained here as "Shanyrak iesi" and by our work, art, victories we serve to prosperity of our country – Kazakhstan," said Deputy Chairman of APK.

Quoting the words of Elbassy in the article "Uly dalanyn zheti kyry" (“Seven facets of the Great steppe”) that "Kazakhstan, the ancestral home of the Turks is sacred "Kara shanyrak". From here, Turkic tribes and people went from our steppes to different parts of the world..." Leonid Prokopenko addressed the audience with the fact that they are the descendants of our great Beybars – the ruler of Damascus, the keepers of the history of the great city Saraishyk, which is a man-made proof of the "great civilization of the Great steppe", knew better about it.

"Our today's event is a vivid embodiment of the President's idea "to understand its origins, and the entire national history in all its depth and complexity." It is not easy, but very interesting and necessary work," said Deputy head of the Assembly.

As the guest pointed out, each region is perceived through a GREAT personality.

"We hear since childhood that "Kyui atasy – Kurmangazy, kyui Otany – Atyrau". Charming melody flowing from the strings of dombra is close to all of us, but Atyrau citizens have particularly reverent attitude to it. Kyui is not only a state of mind, it is the heritage of our people, and thank you for your careful preserving and passing it from generation to generation," Deputy head of APK addressed the audience.

He expressed gratitude to the region residents for the preservation of the national code, love for "Tugan zher", unity and stability, work on the development of our country.

During the event, representatives of various ethnicities demonstrated performances about the traditions of the Kazakh people "Tusaukeser", "Besikke salu", "Kelin tusiru", "Betashar" and others on stage. Competitions of akyns-improvisers "Aitys", compositions of the national dance art of the Kazakh and other people were presented to the attention of the audience.

Theatrical performance was attended by representatives of "Kogamdyk kelisim" RSI under the Executive Office of the President of Kazakhstan, Atyrau region, state bodies and ethno-cultural associations, public associations and foundations, youth organizations, Councils of Public Consent, Mothers’ Council, patrons, donors, university students, citizens and the media.

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